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Le nouvel an – The new year – Quiz – Today’s French

Le Nouvel An – The New Year – Quiz – Today’s French

The New Year – Today’s French

Le Nouvel An – Le français d’aujourd’hui

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Je vous souhaite une très bonne année

et une bonne santé pour 2019 !


J’espère que la nouvelle année vous traitera bien.J’en profite pour vous envoyer cette petite interro sur le nouvel an en France et en français.Voyez comment les Français ‘tirent les rois” et pourquoi. Apprenez le drôle de nom pour une demi-bouteille de Champagne. Devinez pourquoi les gens de gauche sont quelquefois associés au caviar. Toutes ces infos rigolotes et plus sur le nouvel an. Voyez si vous pouvez avoir 100% !

I wish you a wonderful 2019 New Year! I hope the new year will treat you well.And I’m taking this opportunity to send you this small quiz on the New Year in France and in French.

See how the French ‘shoot the kings’ and why – learn the funny name for half a bottle of Champagne – guess why the people on the left are sometimes associated with caviar – all that fun stuff and more about the new year. you can have 100%!

Quiz - Le nouvel an - The new year

Choisissez la bonne réponse, dans le contexte du nouvel an. Pick the right answer, in the New Year context.
  • You'll add a _____ of champagne. -- Visit more at Take the quiz on Champagne bottles
  • She wished me a 'Happy New Year' on January 31st. Just in time ! -- Visit more at French expression
  • They _____ around 8:30 pm last night. -- Visit more at French expression
  • That guy is a true _____. -- Visit more at French expression
  • I'm going _____ the champagne. -- Visit more at French expression
  • The _____ are very appetizing. -- Watch the video for 'Table de Réveillon' And if you're a Premium member, you can learn French with this fun quiz even though the video is silent.
  • We did not make good resolutions this year. -- Visit more at French expression
  • He had forgotten to buy the _____ for New Year's Eve. -- Visit more at French expression.
  • And you, did you receive your new year's gift?-- Visit more at French expression
  • I’m taking advantage of the new year to _____. -- Visit more at French expression


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