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Amener, Emmener, Apporter Or Emporter – Today’s French

Amener, emmener, apporter or emporter – Today’s French

amener, emmener, apporter, emporter - to bring and to take - How do I know which one to use? How are they used in French? Learn with Anne at FrenchHour.
Happy Hanukkah! – Today’s French

Happy Hanukkah! – Today’s French

What are Hanukkah terms in French? How do you say Hanukkah terms in French? Learn with Anne at at French Hour.
Rencontrer – To Meet? – Today’s French

Rencontrer – To Meet? – Today’s French

Rencontrer has a lot of different meanings, more than just 'to meet'. Learn about it with Anne, a native teacher at French Hour.
Roman Numerals – Today’s French

Roman Numerals – Today’s French

When and how are roman numerals used in French. Do this quiz and learn with Anne, a native teacher at FrenchHour.
Saint-Nicolas – Vocabulary Quiz – Today’s French

Saint-Nicolas – Vocabulary Quiz – Today’s French

Vocabulary about Saint Nick, Eastern France's Santa Claus. Learn and memorize the words and do the quiz with Anne at FrenchHour.com
About POUR – Today’s French

About POUR – Today’s French

Translating POUR isn’t always intuitive. Study common uses for POUR and practice with Anne, a native French teacher at FrenchHour.com
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I’m so happy you’ve come to meet me at FrenchHour, FH for short. I’m Anne, a language teacher and I work hard to pull together high-quality training materials, quizzes, conversational topics, and daily (almost) posts to help you develop your abilities as an Everyday French speaker. How does the site workMot du Jour and Today’s French are bite-size free worksheets, and the rest of the site is organized in Courses with multiple lessons that you can all access through your membership. All the lessons that are clickable in each course syllabus are also accessible for free. Alors, pourquoi pas ? Essayez FrenchHour gratuitement.

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