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What Our Students Say

  • 5
    I have been taking classes with Anne for 5 years and, it has not only been a great learning experience, it has actually been fun. Anne’s methods are way more interesting than French in college and she makes a lot more sense and I know that, if I put the time in, I can really make progress. She seems to have a work sheet on almost everything I have difficulty with and continues to add to them everyday. Thanks Anne.
    Janice L. in CA
  • 5
    I studied french with Anne for almost 2 years. She is an exceptional teacher with so many tools that make learning french clear and easy. Any question you have can be answered with one of her organized and concise worksheets. Anne is skilled at teaching from beginning to advanced students. I have tried a few french study programs including classes at my high school and rosetta stone, and I can honestly say that Anne’s lessons were far superior to both of those. She is a lovely person and a patient teacher.
    Thea G. in Sweden
  • 5
    I have studied French for ten months. Most has been on my own, using Rosetta Stone, various audio sources, and various grammar texts. The most intensive was two days of Immersion French at a local Alliance Francaise. Personal instruction from Anne has included the best of all of these techniques, and none of the downsides. I get personal attention without having to get the words exactly right, right now; I get suggestions when I need them, but I can take the time to try to get the phrases out myself; I get gentle pointers supplied in a supportive manner. Along the way, I get insights into the French and the French culture. In two sessions, I’ve begun to develop a sense of confidence that I haven’t had in ten months of study. I can feel it starting to come together.
    Bill R.
  • 5
    Merci, Anne!! I have studied French with Rosetta Stone, Berlitz, and the Alliance Francaise and Anne is by far the best teacher with the best process of any. You learn very practical French in a supportive and fun way and she has fantastic tools to augment the lessons. I really look forward to my weekly lessons; each one is custom designed for where I am and what I need. Anne is very creative in using different learning methodologies with a focus on getting you to speak the language. When there’s an important grammar rule she explains it in a clear way with lots of examples. She’s a fantastic teacher … and her teaching is totally current unlike most French text and workbooks.  
    Barrie D.
  • 5
    Whatever your reason for brushing up your French Anne is the teacher for you. Anne is the most amazing French teacher I have ever worked with and she helped me reach my personal goal which was to work again in French. This is what I did this week and Anne is the person who gave me the confidence as well as the skills to make this happen. Thanks Anne! What makes Anne so special is that she makes learning a joy and at the same time she’ll help you make the learning stick in a way that fits with who you are. Formal textbooks and lists of vocabulary to memorise are nowhere to be seen! Anne quickly identified my level of French and where we needed to focus in order to help me reach the goal I set myself. Anne has a treasure chest of resources that I could easily  tap into, and we covered all manner of issues that were directly connected to what I wanted to improve. What I also liked is that our classes were tailor made to me as a person and to my level of French. She’s always encouraging, smiling, and challenging in a way that makes me look forward to our classes. Everyone whatever their level of French will enjoy and learn with Anne and feel confident to go out there and connect with the French-speaking world!
    Ira M. in Holland