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Say Family In French

5 stars across the board – I’ve come across a few sites that teach French, but this is one that I always come back. It’s my “go to” website. I got hooked on the mot du jour early on and have taken classes with Anne. I have 2 teenage kids and spend a lot of time on the road taking them places. I can’t do as much class work as I like but there is a lot of material that can be listened while in the car or having a coffee. The French language is not easy to learn for me, but Anne makes it easier. I’ve been lucky to go to France on holiday and I usually get into some funny conversations. That doesn’t bother me or the French. If you make the effort to speak French, the French will be very accommodating. After all, they had to learn it themselves and they know that it can be challenging.

Say Church In French

I have very much enjoyed your podcasts.  I am a language teacher myself (Spanish and English) and find your podcasts, along with News in Slow French (Spanish/Italian), to be the best resources online.  There is very little out there for the advanced french student, so your work is very useful to me and my classmates.

Mary And Andris

I had heard about Anne’s programmes from Yvonne, who found her first immersion immensely valuable. She was also planning a second one, so this in itself speaks highly of Anne. My husband just happened to have a conference in Paris, so what better follow up than to be immersed in Thourie. Anne was so cheerfully flexible in the planning stages, even when we added an extra trip several weeks out from the commencement. We visited Rennes several times. We hauled her to Mont St Michel, then to Concarneau, taking in Rochefort en Terre and Pont Aven. Thence to Carnac to see the stunning stones. She adapted the programme to our interests the whole time, adding personalised videos and excursions because she noticed an interest. She also was so patient with me, consistently instilling confidence,  constantly encouraging me to voice my thoughts in French. Her skills as a teacher are patently evident. She is extremely organised, has vast resources prepared for easy access and is consistently cheerful and positive. We adored the accommodation. Such an authentic experience but with all the comforts and cleanliness to put one at ease. And the food!!!  I wish we could bottle her and take her home. Anne has high order interpersonal skills and will cater to all requirements… large, small and quirky. We are so glad we came.

Anne creates new content all the time to bring your French to the next level. She has published thousands of downloadable lessons on vocabulary, grammar and authentic French videos. Contact her if you have a question.

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