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Spring Ahead, Fall Back – Today’s French

Spring ahead, Fall back – Today’s French

How do you say "Spring ahead, Fall back."? What are the French terms to talk about daylight saving time? How are they pronounced? How are they used in a French sentence? Listen to Anne, a French native say it.
Tell Time – Today’s French

Tell Time – Today’s French

Telling Time - Today's French--Dire ou lire l’heure--When you are in France, when you have meetings with French people, when you have to take the train or meet with friends, you have to know how to tell time. Learn how with Anne.
French Pronoun EN – Today’s French

French Pronoun EN – Today’s French

The pronoun “EN” - Le pronom EN - What does French EN mean in French? When do you use EN in French? Where does EN go in a French sentence? What does it replace? Learn French at FrenchHour.
French Pronoun Y – Today’s French

French pronoun Y – Today’s French

French pronoun Y - Today's French -- Le pronom Y -- How does French pronoun Y work? Listen to Anne, a French native, say it at FrenchHour.com.
QUOI QUE, QUOIQUE And More – Today’s French

QUOI QUE, QUOIQUE and more – Today’s French

There are many QUOIQUES - however, although, whatever, any, anything - , and it's easy to get lost. Learn and practice with Anne at FrenchHour.
N’IMPORTE, QUELQUES, And Others – Today’s French

N’IMPORTE, QUELQUES, and others – Today’s French

N'IMPORTE, QUELQUES, and other adjectives or pronouns -- Indefinite adjectives, pronouns, and phrases – Practice ‘other’, ‘something’, ‘someone’, ‘whoever’ with Anne at FrenchHour.

Le Blogue

Ireland And Brittany

Ireland and Brittany

Ireland and Brittany - L'irlande et la Bretagne -- Ireland and Brittany are very close, both geographically and culturally. Listen to Anne, a native speaker say it for you at FrenchHour.com
Salaire Égal – Le Blogue

Salaire Égal – Le Blogue

Equal Salary - Salaire Égal - Le Blogue - Are women and men salaries equal in France? Listen to Anne, a native speaker talk about it at FrenchHour.

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