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S’en Sortir – Today’s French

S’en Sortir – Today’s French

How is S'EN SORTIR - to get by - conjugated? What does it sound like? Listen to native speaker Anne conjugate this tricky French verb at FrenchHour.com
Le Mont Saint-Michel – Facts – Today’s French

Le Mont Saint-Michel – Facts – Today’s French

Mont Saint-Michel is a magical place, which one always seeks to visit. Look at this information on this wonder and do this FrenchHour quiz to check if you know it well.
Possessive Adjectives – Today’s French

Possessive adjectives – Today’s French

'My, my, my' is 'Mon, ma, mes' in French. Rules for possessive adjectives are different in English and in French. -- Look at these 3 examples: mon lit –> my bed ma chambre –> my room mes clés –> my keys. Continue at FrenchHour.com
To HAVE Is To BE – Today’s French

to HAVE is to BE – Today’s French

You have probably learned that AVOIR means 'to HAVE'. Practice AVOIR when it means TO BE at FrenchHour with Anne, a French native speaker.
French Stressed Pronouns – Today’s French

French Stressed Pronouns – Today’s French

How do you say
French  Expressions With FIL – Today’s French

French Expressions with FIL – Today’s French

What are common French expressions with ‘ FIL ‘? How do you say them in French? Listen to native French speaker Anne at FrenchHour.
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