Today's French

French Verbs With DE – Today’s French

French verbs with DE – Today’s French

French verbs with the preposition DE. Les verbes français et la préposition DE. What's are the verbs with the preposition DE. Learn French at FrenchHour.com
French Sound OU – Today’s French

French Sound OU – Today’s French

OU - French pronunciation - Today's French. OU - Prononciation du français. How to pronounce OU in French? What's the difference between OU and U in French? What are words with the sound OU? Learn French at FrenchHour.com
Demonstrative Pronouns – Today’s French

Demonstrative Pronouns – Today’s French

Demonstrative pronouns - Les pronoms démonstratifs. There are 15 demonstrative pronouns in French: this one, that one. Learn French at FrenchHour.
Near Future – Today’s French

Near Future – Today’s French

aller + infinitif – to be about + infinitive - What is the near future in French? How does the near future work in French? 
J’ai Mal – Today’s French

j’ai mal – Today’s French

I hurt -- Saying “I hurt” is easy, it’s “J’ai mal à”. However, saying where you hurt is more complicated. Learn French at FrenchHour.com
About To Use – Today’s French

About To Use – Today’s French

About To Use - How to use ' to use ' - What is the difference between ' se servir de, employer and utiliser '. Learn French at FrenchHour.com

Le Blogue

Busy Week – Semaine Chargée

Busy week – Semaine chargée

Busy week – French Hour Blog Semaine chargée - Le Blogue de French Hour
Love And Other Challenges

Love and other challenges

Love and other challenges L’amour et autres challenges Listen to Anne in French and get…

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