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Meet Anne live and learn French with other students!

Upcoming Classes – Week of May 21, 2 classes are full. Yay!

French Conversation – Enrollment Closed – Tuesday – from 4 to 4:30 pm in Paris, France

In French Conversation, we’ll dive into an impromptu dialogue, all in French. The goal is to improve oral skills such as pronunciation, listening comprehension and increase vocabulary. The back and forth is key!

French Grammar – Q&A – Thursday – from 4:30 to 5:00 pm in Paris, France

In French Grammar, you will come to class with questions. Anne will answer them – most likely in English for better efficiency – and gives you examples to check if you got it. Then, you’ll get a class follow-up with lots of practice to master the topics studied in class. Practice is the magic word here!

Claim Your Topic – Enrollment Closed – Thursday – from 5:15 to 5:45 pm in Paris, France

First come first serve! Send me a note and tell me what you want to study. Should you decide to have a casual conversation, work on the French subjunctive, or want to role-play your next hotel reservation, I’ll design a class for you that day, and other students will join and learn French with us. In this class, anything goes. I can help you with any topic, any level and any question. Be the first to sign up and lead the way!


I’m also happy to launch a new class topic and/or a new schedule to accommodate your needs. Send me a note if you need something specific that is not here.

If you need to convert your time, I find this Time Converter easy to use. Make sure you know your timezone to determine what time your next class is on, Paris time for you.


Live Class
Live Class
  • Enjoy learning French with other people
  • Get answers to your questions and make progress in French
  • 30 minutes of Live class with Anne
  • Connect via your computer, tablet or phone


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