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sabrer le champagne – French expression

Sabrer Le Champagne – French Expression

sabrer le champagne – to celebrate with champagne – French expression – Mot du Jour

sabrer le Champagne, to saber a bottle of Champagne, to open it with a saber. It’s quite thrilling, and yet, surprisingly easy. All you need is a sharp knife – or a spoon, nobody around you, and you have to want to giggle a lot. Watch the video below and try it yourself. The expression, which dates from the Napoleon era, has evolved to just mean to celebrate with Champagne wine.

  • « Tu as eu ton diplôme, on va sabrer le Champagne ! »
    • “You got your degree, let’s celebrate (let’s saber the Champagne)!”
French tenses and modes

présent : je sabre le Champagne, nous sabrons le Champagne

imparfait : je sabrais le Champagne, nous sabrions le Champagne

Command forms: Sabre le Champagne ! Sabrez le Champagne !

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