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tirer les rois – French expression

Tirer Les Rois – French Expression

tirer les rois — pick a king

French expression – Mot du Jour

What does the French expression ‘ tirer les rois ‘ mean? What is it all about? How is it used in a sentence?

tirer les rois — to pull, or to shoot the kings. Of course, tirer les rois doesn’t means to shoot the kings. Tirer les rois is a delicious French January 6th tradition, which consists in picking a king or a queen from the galette des rois – King’s cake that every one has for dessert January 6. There is a the little fève – a lucky charm – inside the cake.

  • « C’est qui qu’a tiré les rois chez toi cette année ? Julien ou Lucie ? »
    • “Who picked the king at your house this year? Julien or Lucie?”
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