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The French have some funny ways of expressing ourselves. With phrases like “s’éclater”, “être en pétard”, or “il est à l’ouest”, they don’t always abide by the grammar rules and vocabulary that we learned in school. If you are one of those people who likes to get to know the locals when you travel and you want a fun, useful way of learning French the way it is actually spoken, you have come to the right place! Jump in, Allez-y ! Take a course or two, and éclatez-vous !



FRENCH HOUR started in 2015, just after the wonderful adventure with FRENCH ETC in 2007. Anne wants to deal with the kind of French that you can actually use in France. She wants you to understand what’s being said to you and she wants you to be understood when you go and visit France.

She teaches everyday French, using vocabulary and current expressions that you might not find in your regular class or textbook. She hopes that you find her courses and lessons helpful and you make tons of progress in French. So quick, become a member and start learning French!

About Anne

Anne Guével, founder of FRENCH HOUR was born in Brittany, France. She lives for teaching languages. She’s passionate about it. Read some testimonials here. She holds – among other degrees – an MA in Teaching Languages. She has taught French, Spanish, ESOL and Chinese in China, Europe and the USA. She founded and ran a French language-immersion school for foreigners in France. She started going online in 2006 when her Chinese students asked her to record audio files so they could remember how to pronounce Chinese words from one lesson to the next. She needed to send the audio files quickly and thought of online, a new thing for her at the time. She loved then, and still loves the challenge of finding a new way to help her students. It worked really well for her Chinese students and she had opened up a whole new world that lead her to FRENCH ETC, and now to FRENCH HOUR when she came to VERMONT where she now lives part-time.


At FRENCH HOUR, Anne knows that her students come from all over. That is why she has created a Web site that caters to a global network of French enthusiasts. Whether you come from VT where she lives half the year, from a little village in France where you feel isolated because you don’t speak the language well yet, or from Nagano, Japan, Somerset West, South Africa, or Tegucigalpa, Honduras, she can stay connected with you. Some of you take to all the courses, some just listen to one of them, some of you are teachers and use the worksheets, and some of you sign up for the online live classes that FRENCH HOUR offers. All of you have different reasons for browsing FRENCH HOUR, and Anne is very thankful for your interest and participation.

How does FRENCH HOUR work?

Pretty much every day, Anne works back-end to publish new material to keep you busy, current and fluent. She believes in student-teacher interaction and she’s always most happy when a student has a specific request. See how the site works here. So don’t hesitate to send her a note.

Oh, and although her French is impeccable, the only thing Anne would like to improve here is her English. So bear with her and let her know when you spot a typo or a mistake.


In any case, she’s very happy you dropped by and hopes you’ll browse through all the pages and come back to visit very often to sign up for a new course and make progress in French.



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Remember to always be Signed In to navigate smoothly

Look for a quick answer in FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Didn't find your answer? No Problem! Aksed Anne directly

Remember to always be Signed In to navigate smoothly