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Our Story – Notre Histoire

The French have some funny ways of expressing themselves. With phrases like « En voiture, Simone », « s’éclater » or « il est à l’ouest », they don’t always abide by grammar and vocabulary rules. If you enjoy getting to know the locals when you travel and want a fun, useful way of learning everyday French, you have come to the right place!  Jump in, Allez-y ! Take a course or two and éclatez-vous !

French Hour – Le Site

French Hour is a boutique French school. Anne is behind the wheel with Nathan, her website developer and technical expert. They work 24/7 so that the site continually bustles with fresh free and premium material. French Hour is unique in that it is a school with just one teacher, a very personal approach which allows for student-centered material. So, if you have a question or a suggestion, don’t hesitate to let Anne know.

FRENCH HOUR went online in 2015. The site evolved from a wonderful adventure with Anne’s first site, FRENCH ETC., which, from its inception in 2007, drew thousands of French enthusiasts. Anne teaches everyday French. She wants you to be able to understand and speak the language you will encounter when you visit France.

That is why she uses current vocabulary and expressions you probably won’t find in a typical French class or textbook. After years of experience teaching French, she is confident that through her courses and lessons, you will make amazing progress. So quick, become a member and start learning French!

About Anne – Qui Est Anne ?

The Teacher – La Prof

Anne Guével, founder of FRENCH HOUR, was born and raised in Brittany, France. She is passionate about teaching languages.  Read some testimonials here. Among other degrees, she has a Master’s in Teaching Languages. She has taught French, Spanish, ESL and Chinese in China, Europe and the USA. In France, she founded and operated a French language-immersion school for language learners.  She started going online in 2006, when her students of Chinese asked her to record audio files, so they could remember how to pronounce words from one lesson to the next. Needing to send the audio files quickly, she thought of using the Internet, although at the time the method was new to her. She loved then, and still loves the challenge of finding a new way to help her students. It worked like magic, and she quickly realized she had opened up a whole new world that led her to develop FRENCH ETC, and now FRENCH HOUR.


Anne divides her time between Brittany and Vermont in the United States. Her 2 children are completely fluent in both English and French. She enjoys chatting in French with her grandchildren, Malou and Hugo.

Anne is a student of German. She thoroughly enjoys tackling yet another language, all while knowing that achieving fluency is a looooong process. She believes that learning a language is as much about the journey as the destination.  That recognition, in turn, makes her a more perceptive teacher.

When she’s not teaching, Anne loves reading French literature and doing crafts. She occasionally offers a crafts class in French. She used to practice judo but has now taken it down a notch: she is happy with walks and yoga. What she loves most is being with people. Come and meet her. You’ll make her very happy ?

Anne’s Students – Les Élèves d’Anne

Anne knows that her students come from across the globe to learn through FRENCH HOUR. That is why she has created a Web site that caters to French enthusiasts everywhere. Anne has students from Vermont, USA, where she lives half of the year. Students reside in small villages in France, as they work to learn the language so that they feel less isolated. They come from Nagano, Japan; Somerset West, South Africa; and Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Through FRENCH HOUR, Anne stays connected to all of them. Some take all of the courses, others just listen to one. Some are teachers who use the material (downloaded directly from the site), while others sign up for online live classes. Anne is grateful for the interest and participation of everyone who comes to FRENCH HOUR.

How does French Hour work? – Comment ça marche ?

Anne and Nathan are continually at work on the backend developing and publishing new material to keep French students engaged, current and fluent. Anne believes in student-teacher interaction. She’s always delighted when a student has a specific request, so don’t hesitate to send her a note.  See how the site works here.

Oh, and although her French is impeccable, Anne is always seeking to improve her English. As a boutique school, French Hour doesn’t possess the resources big companies have and Anne does most of the editing. So, don’t hesitate to let her know when you spot a typo or a mistake.


Anne is happy you dropped by. She hopes you’ll browse through the pages and return often to make steady progress in French. Download the audio file for this page. It’s in French 🙂


Petit message audio d’Anne

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Look for a quick answer in FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Didn't find your answer? No Problem! Aksed Anne directly
Remember to always be Signed In to navigate smoothly

Look for a quick answer in FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Didn't find your answer? No Problem! Aksed Anne directly

Remember to always be Signed In to navigate smoothly
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