Immersion Program in France

Come to France and improve your French

Discover Brittany – or France – and improve your French at the same time. Learn French, and saber a bottle, walk on quicksand, flambé a crêpe, learn to play pétanque, and more. These are examples of things you can do as you improve your French with Anne at French Hour.

Faites des progrès en  français et découvrez la Bretagne – ou la France – en même temps. Apprenez le français et sabrez une bouteille, marchez sur les sables mouvants, faites flamber une crêpe, apprenez à jouer à la pétanque, et plus encore Voilà des exemples de choses que vous pourrez faire en améliorant votre français avec Anne à French Hour.

Anne’s IPF at French Hour

Séjour linguistique avec Anne

Anne has been offering linguistic stays in France for over 25 years, helping her students to make progress in French in a fun, effective, and efficient way.

Over the years, she’s come to realize that people wanted more than just a classroom experience while staying in beautiful France. So, although Anne still offers her regular, fantastic program, she’s expanding IPF’s horizons. She’s now offering four types of programs: the regular IPF, focus IPFs, a VIP IPF and “À l’école”, two IPFs: one for schools and one for teachers. Check them out on this page.


Immersion Programs in France – Description

Picture yourself studying French in the countryside in France, in a small quaint village. Nothing there to distract you from making progress. Yet, your field trips to the nearby, exciting city of Rennes make your studies fun, lively and rewarding.

FH’s well-rounded immersion programs offer rigorous instruction, with vocabulary, grammar and culture insights in and out of the classroom. Programs are taught by Anne, a highly trained, experienced teacher and an enthusiastic, native French guide.

Worry-free programs – you just show up to learn, Anne takes care of your transportation, your lodging, your fantastic meals, and your classes and programs, of course. What more could you ask for?

Practical Details

Détails Pratiques

  • Program duration is from Sunday to Sunday
  • Set in rural France, next to Rennes, Brittany, in a quaint small village. You get to stay at Anne’s 18th century family farm with a beautiful garden
  • All levels, depending on the program you choose. If you have a question about your level or take the French Proficiency here or here or contact Anne.
  • The program features an ‘all included’ price- pick-up and drop-off at the Rennes train station, hours of French instruction, lodging (see accommodations at the farm here), full board (3 meals/day unless we’re out), visits.
  • See pictures from past IPFs here
  • Free access to all the courses on the site
  • Ask about Anne’s Risk-free – Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy
  • Price is set per person in Euros – check your currency with this converter (enter your currency in the window) to know how much to send Anne

Depending where you come from, make sure you have the proper visa to stay in France. Anne can assist you with your trip to Rennes, Brittany. She’s also here to answer any other question.

Immersion Program in FranceThree happy - repeat - students during the immersion program, IPFrance!

Contact Anne

All the IPFs

Regular IPF

First person to enroll determines the level of that week’s program

Going Native

Regular French Language IPF Program – This is Anne’s regular, popular program. When you register for this IPF, you’ll learn French, practice, evaluate your learning and make progress in a beautiful place, in a relaxed and fun environment.

  • any level – DELF A/Level 1, DELF B/Level 2 and DELF C/Level 3 – first to enroll determines the level of that week’s program
  • maximum 5 students
  • 60 hours of French instruction
  • full access to the web site courses
  • generally, classroom time in the morning and follow-up outings in the afternoon. However, it’s your program, and anything you want as a group goes
  • a visit on Saturday, probably to Rennes
  • optional cooking lessons every day
  • cost – €1,200

IPF With a Theme

The following IPF programs are examples of what you may be able to do during your week with Anne. These IPFs can be changed according to your hopes, your needs and depending on the season you sign up for.

Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk in France

Nature Hikes and Day trips – This program is designed for people who would like to learn to speak French while walking around Thourie, hiking through the French countryside and eating delicious French food; Eat, Walk, Learn!

  • any level – DELF A/Level 1, DELF B/Level 2 and DELF C/Level 3 – first to enroll determines the level of that week’s program
  • maximum 5 students
  • full access to the web site courses
  • walk every day, or at least half the day
  • French hike a 10 K-path around Thourie
  • 7 days of nature and fitness in French, of course
  • visit Rennes, or Nantes, 2 beautiful historic cities nearby
  • optional cooking lessons every day
  • cost – TBD
What’s Cooking?

French Cooking and French speaking – In this program, we’ll speak French and cook French family meals. Learn Anne’s secrets on making a mayonnaise, don’t even think twice about making a mousse au chocolat next time you have friends over, amaze your guests with a soufflé brunch. This IPF is for any level French speaker who is also a beginner or intermediate cook.

  • any level – DELF A/Level 1, DELF B/Level 2 and DELF C/Level 3 – first to enroll determines the level of that week’s program
  • maximum 5 students
  • full access to the web site courses
  • learning French every day
  • cooking family French dishes
  • every student leaves the program with a complete e-book of recipes they can use later
  • cost – TBD
Meeting the Saints – Saint-Michel and Saint-Malo

Mont Saint-Michel and Saint-Malo – This “Meeting the Saints” IPF has an overnight trip to Le Mont Saint-Michel and to Saint-Malo, 2 historic gorgeous cities by the sea. We’ll get to see the beautiful view from the top of the abbey of Le Mont Saint-Michel. If your group is up for it that week and if the weather allows, we could take a walk on the quick sand that surrounds the Mont. I promise I’ll bring every one home safe! In Saint-Malo, we’ll walk on the ramparts to circle the whole city – about an hour’s walk and visit this beautiful intra-muros city.

  • any level – DELF A/Level 1, DELF B/Level 2 and DELF C/Level 3 – first to enroll determines the level of that week’s program
  • maximum 5 students
  • full access to the web site courses
  • 3 days of regular instruction and half-day outings
  • 2 days out to visit the Saints in French – Saint-Michel and Saint-Malo
  • single room in a 3-star hotel
  • meals in gourmet restaurants or picnics
  • optional cooking lessons on the days we stay at the farm
  • cost – TBD
Out West

Go to the Wild West of Brittany – This IPF features a trip to Rochefort-en-Terre, Pont-Aven, Concarneau, and Quimper. In Rochefort-en-Terre, we’ll walk around – in French – a beautifully well-preserved medieval town.  In quaint Pont-Aven, we’ll follow Paul Gaugin’s path. In Concarneau, we may walk on the “sentiers des douaniers”, along the sea coast, or just enjoy the town.  We’ll sleep in Quimper and visit a faïencerie or just walk around this busy old quarters and shops.

  • any level – DELF A/Level 1, DELF B/Level 2 and DELF C/Level 3 – first to enroll determines the level of that week’s program
  • maximum 5 students
  • 2 days of regular instruction and half-day outings
  • 3 days out to visit the Western Brittany – in French
  • full access to the web site courses
  • single room in a 3-star hotel
  • meals in gourmet restaurants or picnics
  • optional cooking lessons on the days at the farm
  • cost – TBD

IPF en Solo

Programme sur Mesure

Anything goes – In addition to her regular program, Anne is now offering a 100% VIP stay where she will create a custom program tailored to your individual tastes, needs and skills. This VIP program is generally for only one person. She’s also launching a semi-custom program where you get to pick and choose from several pre-prepared options Anne has concocted carefully to serve your French needs.

  • any level – DELF A/Level 1, DELF B/Level 2 and DELF C/Level 3 – first to enroll determines the level of that week’s program
  • full access to the web site courses
  • this VIP program is generally for 1 person. However, if you come with friends, who want to do exactly the same things, that’s even better. Come with a friend and get 5% discount, come with 2 friends and get 10% discount
  • examples of thing we can do together: we can study any topic in depth, we can visit Brittany castles we can go over currents events and news, read French literature, knit in French, go to French gardens, you name it!
  • keep the seasons in mind when you choose your program
  • cost – TBD in Euros

College Time

College Course

Language IPF Program for College Students – In this IPF, Anne works closely with teachers and students alike to follow up on the curriculum and make your learning successful in a beautiful place, and a relaxed environment.

  • any level – DELF A/Level 1, DELF B/Level 2 and DELF C/Level 3 – first to enroll determines the level of that week’s program
  • maximum 5 students
  • 60 hours of French instruction
  • full access to the web site courses
  • generally, classroom time in the morning and follow-up outings in the afternoon
  • a visit on Saturday
  • optional cooking lessons every day
  • cost – €1,200

Teachers' Week

Teachers’ Week

Teaching Approaches and Methods for French Teachers – In this Teacher Training IPF, Anne works closely, in Brittany, with primarily non-native teachers of French as a Foreign Language – ACTFL and FLE, with the goal of improving the authenticity of the experience they provide in their French classrooms.

  • first to enroll determines the focus and level of that week’s program
  • maximum 5 teachers
  • 60 hours of French practical teaching tips, brainstorming teaching approaches, fixing possible classroom issues, going over modern French expressions, current events, and politics
  • full access to the web site courses
  • generally, classroom time in the morning and follow-up outings in the afternoon
  • a visit on Saturday
  • optional cooking lessons every day
  • cost – €1,600

2018 IPFrance Programs

Programs Available for all programs and all levels

Anne hasn’t scheduled dates for 2018 but she loves teaching in France. So just tell her when you’d like to come and learn French; she’ll probably will be able to accommodate you. She’d also like to launch 2 new programs:  ‘Let’s Tandem, Learn French’ and ‘Learn French, Rock the Boat’ . Basically, all the regular programs described above in a relaxed fashion, with a new twist and a lot of fun. The first program features one week learning French and easy bicycle rides along the canal. The second program is still visiting nice places while learning French on a boat. Both programs present beautiful landscapes and peaceful and easy rides. Let her know if you’d like that.



2017 IPFrance Dates

Programs Available for all programs and all levels

Be the first to sign up for any of Anne’s IPFrance programs. When you’re the first one to sign up, you determine the program and the level.

May 7 to 14


Trop bien ! Yvonne and Hans (Australia) took a ‘double solo’ IPF with me. Yvonne and Hans had already taken a regular IPF at the farm in Brittany in 2014. This time, their second with Anne, they wanted to visit villages, farmers’ markets, and eat gourmet food. And that’s exactly what we did.

August 27 to September 3


pam chocolate cathedralYay! Pam (USA) signed up for this Solo IPF with Anne. It will be her second IPFrance in Brittany. We’ll have lots of fun while Pam learns tons of French. Look at her during her previous IPFrance – yes, she too signed up twice for Anne’s program 🙂 – in Quimper.

September 3 – 10

Available for all programs and all levels

Be the first to sign up for any of Anne’s IPF programs, they are all available for that week. When you sign up, you determine the program and the level.

September 10 – 17

3 spots left – Regular French Language – Niveau DELF A2

Mike (USA) signed up for this regular French language immersion program at the DELF A2 level. Mike is very interested in wine. Let’s see where that leads us. Join in and bring your touch to the group.

September 17 – 24


Je suis trop contente ! Mary and Andris (Australia) have booked a ‘double solo’ IPF with me. They have chosen a “Day Hikes” program. We’ll explore the area, hiking around the farm. They have also wished to maybe have a little bit of regular French classes and some French cooking throughout the week, as we feel like it.

These dates aren’t working for you?

Ask me about other times. I might very well be able to accommodate your schedule.


Previous IPFrance Programs

December 2016

Kathy took a second IPFrance program with Anne. She’d taken a Regular IPFrance in 2014 and decided to come again on her own. She wanted to learn French while visiting the South of Brittany, where your Fleur de Sel is made. We had a grand time 🙂




What Do Past Students Say?

In the following video, Colin describes his recent stay in Brittany, France.


Check out past IPF’s pictures


Comment from Hans – ‘Double Solo’ IPF Immersion week – May 2017

Just to add to Yvonne. I am her husband who shared the experiences shown below.
I cannot but sing the praises of our host teacher and guide Anne, she goes out of her way to make the hours and days interesting and stimulating, not only does one learn the language but one is exposed to the culture and the beauty of the region. I can thoroughly recommend seven days of being chauffeured and guided through this beautiful part of Brittany.


Comment from Yvonne – ‘Double Solo’ IPF Immersion week – May 2017

The activities in my immersion course were suggested by Anne after I told her about my interests and the things I wanted to see. We arrived at an itinerary that included museums, cultural activities, markets, gardens and tasting experiences with local foods. On Sunday, Anne met me at the train station in Rennes and we went to Thourie, a small village in the country about half an hour from Rennes. It is a lovely peaceful spot. My accommodation was simple, clean and comfortable.

The next day we set off for Pont Aven on the South coast of Brittany where we planned to spend the first night. On the way we stopped at Rochefort-en-Terre, a beautiful village with views of the surrounding country. Pont Aven is a lovely village where Gauguin set up an artists’ colony and works from the group can be found in the local museum. We had a gourmet meal at Sur Le Pont in the evening and our hotel breakfast the next morning contained a variety of delicious local specialties.

The following three nights were spent in Quimper, once again in a comfortable hotel. We went to two great museums and took a guided tour of a famous pottery workshop. One afternoon we wandered through a beautiful English style garden in nearby Combrit, where I took a video of noisy happy frogs in the aquatic garden. What a treat!

Back in Rennes on Saturday we joined the locals at the ‘grand marché’. We saw four or five weddings at the Mairie, and enjoyed the performances of the street artists.

I really enjoyed my week with Anne in Brittany. She looked after me so well and made everything easy. It was a wonderful experience and I learned lots of French.


Comment from Kathy – Solo IPF Immersion week – December 2016

It was a lovely stay with Anne, again,  in the Breton countryside surrounded by rolling hills of green in December.  This was my second IPF with Anne, and I enjoyed it as much as my first.  The accommodations were very comfortable, and the food was delicious and plentiful.  Most importantly, we spoke French every day, and Anne patiently helped me to constantly improve.  I look forward to returning soon for a third immersion stay!

Comment from Pam – Solo IPF Immersion week – November 2016

What a week Anne and I had on my IPF-VIP! Anne planned an itinerary that somehow managed to include all of the places I had said I would like to see.

We started with a visit to Anne’s small village of Thourie and the nearby bustling capital city of Rennes. The next day, we hopped into her hardy little car and headed west. We savored galettes, a traditional Breton dish, in the picturesque village of Rochefort-en-Terre. Further down the road, we took a stroll along narrow cobbled streets in the walled city of Vannes.

We stayed overnight in medieval Quimper, with its magical square, soaring cathedral and flower-bedecked quays. We paid a visit to the Henriot-Quimper faïencerie, which, for centuries, has made colorful hand-painted pottery.

We then headed out to Crozon, on the western tip of France. Along the way, we stopped at the village of Douarnenez, where a small bakery makes the best Kouign-amann in the country. (The sweet and buttery pastry is shipped daily to Paris). In Crozon, we came across just the sort of small bookstore I had hoped to find. The cozy shop had the latest French publications, calendars and magazines.

As we drove back to Thourie, we stopped at Pont-Aven, a 19th-century haven and inspiration for Paul Gauguin and other artists of the impressionist school. As you can imagine, the town’s museum is a little gem.

After a night in my comfortable quarters at Les Burons, Anne’s family farm, we headed to the seaside city of Saint-Malo, once home to privateers. I walked the granite ramparts that enclose the historic section of the city, which is known as Intra-Muros. It was rebuilt stone by stone after its complete destruction during World War II. Today, it is a shopping paradise, where I found gifts from placemats to classic striped Breton tops, for family and friends. Later, Anne and I took advantage of low tide and trekked out to the tidal island of Grand Bé to visit the tomb of François-René de Chateaubriand, a 19th-century writer, historian and diplomat.

Anne chose three charming French hotels. Our accommodations in Crozon and Saint-Malo offered breathtaking ocean views, and their restaurants served superb gourmet meals. One evening, Anne put together an equally delicious French picnic.

The Bretons are friendly and relaxed. They have truly preserved a way of life, from their architecture and rolling countryside to the patisseries, art galleries, bistros and small shops lining historic squares and lanes.

Of course, an important goal of my visit was to gain more fluency in French. Anne made certain that would happen. We spoke only in French, and she employed her inventive and effective teaching methods to make me comfortable speaking with the many people we encountered. She has a great gift for setting up her students to succeed.

My French fluency was truly tested when I arrived at Charles DeGaulle Airport to fly back to Boston. The lines everywhere were long and tempers were short. Many people had very little time to make their flights, including a shy woman just behind me. She spoke no English and was very worried. I urged her – in French – to inquire if she could be put into a much shorter line that was dedicated to business class passengers. She succeeded, and, as she disappeared through a gate, she turned, smiled and waved.  Un bon moment pour moi!

Anne is a warm and friendly companion who is full of good humor and fun. I will savor the memories of a week in Brittany with Anne.

Comment from Colin – Regular IPF Immersion week – May 2016

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A really first class week in and around Thourie under Anne’s excellent guidance. Due to all the difficulties in France, the strikes, lack of petrol, Anne had to really redo the IPF program from scratch. This involved walks and biking around the area and meeting plenty of local people- what a delight!
Anne put so much energy and passion into the revised programme but was also incredibly patient in correcting my mistakes and helping to develop my spoken French. She also got a non- cooking guy into the kitchen and we had some excellent food and wine.
Top marks for a great teacher and a great hostess- wish I could do it all over again!

Comment from Yvonne – Regular IPF Immersion week – October 2014

French immersion with Anne in Thourie was great! The activities were varied, challenging and enjoyable. I loved the excursions with little tests along the way. Anne has boundless energy and a passion for the language and culture that comes through in her teaching. She is thorough, well prepared and adjusts her teaching methods to the needs of the students. With her patience and encouragement I achieved my goal of gaining confidence in speaking French. Anne’s group management skills are formidable! I admired the way she organized all our class activities, cooking sessions and excursions. She was able to get us all working together in a very short time. I met some lovely people and learned a lot of French. Thank you Anne for taking care of us and thank you for working so hard to make our time in Thourie so much fun.

Comment from Kathy – Regular IPF Immersion week – October 2014

This is a fun, stress-free, convivial week of learning French with Anne at her family home of Les Burons in the beautiful Breton countryside; classes are always small, only three to five students. Unlimited opportunities to speak in French abound, and one is always gently encouraged to ask questions and participate in everything. Anne’s teaching methods make learning fun all day. During the breaks, one can use the wifi, relax, or take a walk to see the neighboring farms, which are inhabited by cows, horses, and ponies. Then, after a delicious lunch prepared by Anne with the help of one or two of the students, Anne takes everyone to explore the quaint villages, see sites, or visit the nearby historical towns. Even on the afternoon tours, all are encouraged to continue learning, usually immersed in a project that Anne has suggested. Evenings at Les Burons are comfortable and friendly with lots of laughter during l’Apero, as those who wish help Anne prepare the meal. All become acquainted with many French as well as Breton customs, foods and drinks. After a long, happy day, students finally retire to their private rooms for a welcome rest, while listening to the owls hoot in the woods nearby.

Comment from Katie – Regular IPF Immersion week – September 2014

I just attended a full week immersion program with Anne at the farm in Thourie. It was am amazing experience. Not only is Anne an exceptional teacher, she is a wonderful guide for all of Bretagne. She put her heart and soul into the program and her love for the culture and language is profound and infectious. I came away with a renewed desire to improve my French language skills as well as a wonderful memories of the trip. Her patient and flexible approach to the course made it easy for all. Her sense of fun and enthusiasm are a natural gift and I strongly recommend this program to anyone with an interest in a unique and very personal approach to French language and cultural immersion.

Merci Anne!!

Comment from Jeana – Regular IPF Immersion week – September 2014

Just got back from Anne’s immersion class. I completely agree with Katie’s quote above. The classes were well thought out and we made significant progress. The accommodations at the beautiful farm were very comfortable, the meals were fun to cook and delicious, and the excursions to surrounding villages of Brittany were very interesting. Check out Anne’s Pinterest board to see our group in action.

Look for a quick answer in FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Didn't find your answer? No Problem! Aksed Anne directly
Remember to always be Signed In to navigate smoothly

Look for a quick answer in FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Didn't find your answer? No Problem! Aksed Anne directly

Remember to always be Signed In to navigate smoothly