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les étrennes – French expression

Les étrennes – French Expression

les étrennes – Mot du Jour

les étrennes – New Year’s gift. Traditionally, grand parents, uncles and aunts give little ones leurs étrennes, their New Year’s gift around new year’s day. Depending on the giver’s means and the age of the person who receives les étrennes, it goes from a Euro or two for a little one, to a lot more.

Étrennes are also given to the local post(wo)man and fire(wo)man, who come to the door in December to sell a calendar, often featuring a kitten or a snowy landscape on the front page. The money goes to their social committee and they go to a restaurant or take a trip together later on in the year.

  • « Je vais voir mes nièces cet aprème et je leur donnerai leurs étrennes. »
    • I will see my nieces this afternoon and I will give them their New Year’s gifts.


Merci à tous de votre fidélité depuis 2007 !

Thank you for learning French with me since 2007!


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