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Les Verbes – French Verbs

Temps et Modes – Tenses and Modes

French Verbs – Tenses and Modes – Overview

Future Tense

Infinitive Mode

Passé Simple

Past Tenses – Overview

Present Tense

Subjunctive Mode

Entraînement – Practice

Conjugated Verbs

French Verb Drills

French Verbs and their Prepositions

Practice French Conjugations

Verbalize it

Autres Points de Grammaire – Other Grammar Points

Choose : Amener or emmener, Passé Composé or Imparfait, etc.

French Adjectives

French Adverbs

French Prepositions

French Pronouns

It’s About Time – Tell time, Since, Ago, Temps or Fois, etc.

Masculine and Feminine in French

Plural in French


Today’s French  List – Quick grammar (mostly) practice every day for free


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