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Enroll in the courses of your choice to unlock its lessons with your free trial membership. That’s the way to start learning French. If you want to give the site a try first, look for lessons that say FREE (or that are clickable in the course syllabus column). They are free access for everyone, even non-enrolled students.

Niveaux – Levels

Knowing your level and finding courses that are for you.

Vocabulaire – Vocabulary

Anything that has to do with ‘how do you say that in French’ and how do you pronounce it.

Mot du Jour List – Quick vocabulary practice every day for free.

Grammaire – Grammar

Verbs, prepositions, masculine and feminine and more in this section.

Today’s French  List – Quick grammar (mostly) practice every day for free.

Prononciation – Pronunciation

You say ‘potato’, I say ‘frites’…

Thème – Theme

French Schools, politics, sports and more. These are all good excuses to learn a bit of French today

Culture et Civilisation Françaises – French Culture

Courses on what make French what it is and the French so fun to talk to. 🙂

Les Vacances – Holidays

Yay! Holidays! I try to celebrate them all myself. You?

Étudier du Français Authentique – Study Authentic French

Courses based on videos or recordings of French people speaking just like they do every day.

Entraînement – Practice

Practice makes perfect, right?

Étudier – Study – Learning How to Learn French

French study skills, what do to with what material, tips and useful links to study French, and more.

Les 4 compétences – The 4 skills

Speaking, listening, writing and reading courses because everybody is different, and because we all need to study according to who we are.

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Anne also offers classes (live or not) aside from the website courses and the memberships. A fee applies to those classes.

Stage – Class

French Boot Camp – Le Défi de Français 

Live Classes

Anne is launching online live Classes. The upcoming 3 classes are on Tuesdays – Sign up now!




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