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Study Authentic French Courses

Étudier du Français Authentique – Study Authentic French

You are here probably because you are determined to finally understand authentic French, the language the French speak every day: with slang, elisions, regional accents, abbreviations, hesitations, changes of thought in the middle of a sentence. This page features different courses, mostly videos focused on only one thing: ways to finally understand authentic French.

You’re at the right place. No matter your level, you’ll find a course that will help you understand real French. All you have to do, is listen and practice with my many types of exercises.

Find the list form of all the videos published on French Hour on this page.

Vous êtes ici probablement parce que vous êtes bien décidé/e à enfin comprendre le Français authentique tel que les Français le parlent tous les jours: avec de l’argot, des élisions, des accents régionaux, des abréviations, des hésitations, des changements de pensée en plein milieu d’une phrase. Cette page vous propose différents cours, principalement des vidéos axés sur un seul élément: enfin comprendre le français authentique.

Vous êtes sur la bonne page. Quel que soit votre niveau, vous trouverez un cours qui vous aidera à comprendre le vrai français. Tout ce que vous avez à faire, c’est écouter et vous entraîner avec mes nombreux différents exercices

Trouvez la liste de toutes les vidéos publiées par FrenchHour sur cette page.

What’s inside these courses?

Each course in this section has material, videos mostly with a transcription and its translation, as well as different kinds of exercises that will familiarize you with everyday French, the way the French speak. At first, the task might be intimidating, but if you persist and do the homework, I guarantee you will make progress.

Chaque cours dans cette catégorie a des supports, surtout des vidéos avec la transcription et la traduction, ainsi que différentes sortes d’exercices qui vous familiariseront avec le français de tous les jours, celui que les Français parlent. Au début, ça peut être intimidant, mais si vous persistez et que vous faites bien les devoirs, je vous garantis que vous ferez des progrès.

The Idea

What is the idea about these authentic French courses?

Listening to authentic French is like doing your own tiny immersion program, but without the flight and on your schedule.

First you might think my method is crazy: listening to real French people mumbling, using slang, or jumping from one idea to the next can be, no ‘IT IS’ challenging. But trust me: I’ve used this method for many years, and if you follow my instructions, I guarantee you’ll get there.

How it works

How does it work?

Each course features a video and a different targeted practice.

Select a course and then a video. Listen to it several times. You’ll be surprised that the more you listen to it, the more words you understand. Basically, I want you to focus on the things you understand, and not on what you don’t get.

When you feel that you’re not making any more progress, start reading the transcription and the translation I wrote for you.

The last step is to practice with the exercises that I offer along with the video. That is how you will end this task by understanding the whole thing and getting ready for the next video to listen to.

If you feel you’re not kick starting with my method on your own at first, take a month-worth of private lessons with me and I promise you’ll soon be on your way to understand the French and chit-chat back.


French Hour is a member-based course site, so click, choose your plan, and start learning.


Enroll in the courses of your choice to unlock its lessons with your free trial membership. That’s the way to start learning French. If you want to give the site a try first, look for lessons that say FREE (or that are clickable in the course syllabus column). They are free access for everyone, even non-enrolled students.

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Remember to always be Signed In to navigate smoothly

Look for a quick answer in FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Didn't find your answer? No Problem! Aksed Anne directly

Remember to always be Signed In to navigate smoothly
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