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Vous parlez français ?

French tutorial – Vous voulez savoir le secret pour faire des progrès ? You want to make progress in French? Take your tutorial now, and improve your French with Anne, your highly trained and enthusiastic French guide. Don’t waste time and set up your e-tutorial with your goals, your needs, your dreams.


What we can do during our tutorials

  • Talk and practice a casual conversation. On bavarde, on bavarde.
  • Prepare you for your French exams, at the university, at school, at the Alliance Française or for the DELF, DALF, TEF
  • Role play any given situation (great if you’re going to France soon)
  • Read a newspaper article and work on pronunciation, vocabulary and culture points.Qu’est-ce qui se passe en politique ?
  • Listen to and work on a 2-minute video excerpt from a news or a YouTube channel
  • Work on a specific grammar point or vocabulary worksheet
  • Practice, drill and do follow-up with homework assignments – some people like this – Si, si, je vous le jure !
  • Read a whole short story together and learn tons from it
  • Do a very-French exercise called “la dictée”. Dictations are excellent exercises for you to put two and two together. You’ll be amazed at the progress you make with dictations. Anne has a whole bunch of very targeted dictations to please all levels and all interests
  • Anything else that tickles your fancy :-) – Anne has been teaching for a while. As a result, her teaching bag of tricks is huge.

Tutorials with Anne are a great way to improve your French, no matter what your level is, no matter what your goal is.

“5 stars across the board – I’ve come across a few sites that teach French, but this is one that I always come back. It’s my “go to” website.

“Thanks to Anne’s impressive teaching skills, I have made remarkable progress.

I started studying French several years ago and had concluded that I would probably never be able to converse in the language. Then I started working with Anne via Skype and taking French Hour courses. What a difference! .

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How we communicate

  • Skype: free conversation from your computer or phone
  • Google+ Hangouts: free conversation from your computer or phone
  • iChat: easy and free connection with iPhone.
  • Phone tutorial – you give Anne a call (she’ll give you her info once the ball is rolling) and start learning.
  • Ask Anne if you have any question about how to set up your tutorial
  • Make sure your time zone is compatible with Anne’s – New York EST at the moment – before you make plans. Don’t forget daylight saving time, it seems to be at different date in every country.

What your tutorial fee covers

  • Top-notch customized teaching
  • Anne’s weekly students get unlimited free access to all of FRENCH HOUR material with
    • written and audio material
    • support worksheets
  • tons of examples to illustrate your questions
  • follow-up class summary
  • individualized homework assignments – Anne will be sending you homework assignments which you do if you have time, no pressure.

Share and pay less

Share with a friend (same time, same interest) and pay half. Share with 2 friends (same time, same interest) and pay 1/3.

30 Min Session
  • Enjoy learning French one-on-one
  • Make progress on your schedule and at your pace
  • Focus on your own French skills
  • 30 minutes of private tutoring
  • Connect via Skype, Google+ Hangouts, iChat or Phone
Les Devoirs
  • Need a quick fix? Do ‘Les devoirs’
  • Send your ‘devoirs’ to Anne and get your work corrected within 24 hours. At FH, you can practice your writing and speaking skills in two clicks. Click here if you are looking for a topic to write or talk about.
Look for a quick answer in FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Didn't find your answer? No Problem! Aksed Anne directly
Remember to always be Signed In to navigate smoothly

Look for a quick answer in FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Didn't find your answer? No Problem! Aksed Anne directly

Remember to always be Signed In to navigate smoothly
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