Understanding French Videos

Understanding French Videos

I know it’s hard to understand spoken French. I’ve learned a few languages, and there is one method that worked for me: watching the same short passage over and over again.

Often, the first time listening, I had no idea of what they were saying. It sounded like the words blurred together, I couldn’t figure out where a word ended and the next one started. Yet, I persevered, I kept on going, and most importantly, I didn’t let my feelings interfere.

If I didn’t get the words, I watched what they were doing and guessed the meaning of the words. If I had the opportunity, I put the English subtitles on. Then, the next time around, I would understand better, getting rid of gestures and subtitles crutches little by little. The key is that I didn’t get down because I didn’t understand, but instead, I got exhilarated each time I would understand more.

Can you do the same? Can you keep on going, listening to the same passage over and over again, till you drop?

I would recommend to give yourself a week per lesson. Listen to the same passage every day of that week, several times a day. Use the transcription and the translation at first.

Watch, read and repeat a passage of your choice for each of these videos featuring authentic French.

If you stick with it, you’ll be amazed at the progress you’re making. I guarantee it


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  1. J’ai décidé récemment d’améliorer ma compréhension. Avant, je pouvais comprendre le sens général, mais souvent pas les détails. J’ai commencé à regarder les vidéos d’Anne sur “Understanding French Videos.” J’ai suivi sa méthode soigneusement. Tout de suite, j’ai compris les détails beaucoup mieux qu’avant. Cette méthode d’Anne, c’est vraiment efficace.

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