Un café suspendu – Today’s French

August 6, 2020 : French Dictations, Today's French
A suspended coffee - French dictation Part of Level 2 | French Dictations A “dictée” is the transcription of a spoken text. This dictation is going to help you improve your French vocabulary, your understanding of the structure of sentences...
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French pronoun Y – Today’s French

July 24, 2020 : Everyday French, Today's French
Le pronom Y - Le français d'aujourd'hui Part of Level 2 | French Pronouns How does French pronoun Y work? Listen to Anne, a French native, say it at FrenchHour.com. Le Procope. T'y vas ? Moi, j'y vais à chaque...
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Bastille Day – Quiz – True or False

July 2, 2020 : About France, Today's French
Le 14 juillet - Petite Colle : Vrai ou Faux Part of Holidays Courses | Bastille Day The facts for this quiz are here, just in case. [gravityform id="108" title="true" description="true"] Watch the Video - Regardez la Vidéo   Connect...
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National Holidays – Puzzle

July 1, 2020 : French Vocabulary, Today's French
Les jours fériés – Crossword Puzzle Part of Holidays Courses | Bastille Day Print out this page and fill out the puzzle in French with the clues provided. Find the solution in the PDF below. Answers in the PDF Définitions...
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FAILLIR – Today’s French

June 27, 2020 : French Grammar, Today's French
faillir - to almost... Part of Level 2 | It's So French FAILLIR is a very French verb. Let's see what is means and how it works in this worksheet. What FAILLIR means FAILLIR is a funny verb. I’d say...
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Les continents – Today’s French

June 11, 2020 : Everyday French, Today's French
Les continents - Le français d'aujourd'hui Part of Level 1 | French Culture Combien y a-t-il de continents ? Les géographes et les éducateurs ne sont pas toujours d'accord. Certains en comptent 5. L’Afrique, l’Amérique , l’Asie, l’Europe, l’Océanie En...
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DONT – Relative Pronoun – Today’s French

June 10, 2020 : Everyday French, French Grammar, Today's French
DONT – Pronom Relatif – Le français d’aujourd’hui Les fraises dont je te parle sont de Plougastel. - The strawberries I’m talking to you about are from Plougastel. Part of Level 2 | French Pronouns Practice French. Download the audio...
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Candide ou L’Optimisme – Quiz

May 28, 2020 : Today's French
Photo qu'Anne a prise à La Comédie Française, à Paris Part of Level 3 | Reading Literature Candide ou L’Optimisme - Petite Colle Take this quiz based on Candide by Voltaire. Learn a bit of French with me today. Le...
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Ask a Question – Today’s French

May 27, 2020 : French Grammar, Today's French
Comment poser une question en français ? Part of Beginner's French Basic questions in French It is pretty easy to ask a basic question in French. It works the same way as it does in English. Look at these three questions...
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French Movie Stars

May 18, 2020 : About France, Today's French
French Movie Stars. Les vedettes françaises Part of | French Culture Do you know French actors? Vous connaissez les acteurs français ? - Do you know French actors? Exercice - Practice Une petite colle super facile aujourd’hui. Il s’agit de retrouver...
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Expressions with FAIRE

May 15, 2020 : Today's French
Expressions avec FAIRE Part of All Levels | Practice French Expressions Je fais faire le jardin l’année prochaine.  I'm having the garden done. 4 common expressions with FAIRE faire combien - how much Ça ne fait rien. - It doesn’t...
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About QUITTER – Today’s French

May 15, 2020 : French Vocabulary, Today's French
À propos du mot QUITTER Le mot QUITTER revêt plusieurs sens en anglais. Il ne veut pas seulement dire “to quit”. En voici quelques usages communs. QUITTER has different translations in English. It doesn’t only mean ‘to quit’. Here are a...
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French Registers – Today’s French

May 14, 2020 : About French, Today's French
French Registers - Today's French. Registres en français - Le français d'aujourd'hui Part of All Levels | French Culture What are registers in French? Practice different registers in French What should you say? Il fait froid, mais ça m'est égal....
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Ratatouille – French Recipe

April 28, 2020 : About France, Today's French
La Ratatouille Recipe in English at the bottom of this page. Français Tuyaux d’Anne Faites cette recette la veille. Quand on la réchauffe, elle semble bien meilleure. Quand il fait chaud dehors, je sers la ratatouille en tarte chaude ou...
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Les mots-valises – Today’s French

April 24, 2020 : Today's French
Portmanteau Words - Today's French What is a portmanteau word? What are examples of portmanteau words in French? How are  they used in a sentence. Listen to Anne, repeat after her. Learn French at FrenchHour.com The word portmanteau comes from...
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PENSER – Today’s French

April 22, 2020 : Today's French
PENSER - TO THINK - Le français d'aujourd'hui What does PENSER mean? What are its prepositions? Many verbs have different meanings in French, particularly if they carry a preposition. Let’s take the verb PENSER as an example. to think something...
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The Euro System

April 16, 2020 : About France, French Vocabulary, Today's French
Le système des euros Learn about the euros coins and bills, and practice prices. Seven Euro bills were circulated in twelve European Union states in January 2002. In 2018, the European Central Bank stopped issuing the 500-Euro bill. So, there...
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Conditional Present – Formation – Today’s French

April 15, 2020 : French Grammar, Today's French
Le conditionnel présent - Formation - Le français d'aujourd'hui The rules are pretty straight forward. –er and –ir verbs Verbs ending in –er and –ir: take the verb at the infinitive and add the endings of the imparfait, as follows....
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French School System – Mini Quiz

March 31, 2020 : Everyday French, Today's French
Le système scolaire en France - Petite colle    What's the French school system like? What's the structure of French education? Practice your knowledge of the French school system at the bottom of this lesson. Le système scolaire - Aperçu...
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Pronunciation French Initial Consonants

March 27, 2020 : Today's French
Prononciation des consonnes initiales French and English consonants at the beginning of a word are pronounced pretty much the same way except for a few. I'd like to focus on words starting with PN and PS in this lesson. They...
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