French 1 – A1

French 1 – A1

Learn how to speak today’s French with authentic audio files, lots of worksheets and quizzes, vocabulary and grammar explanations from Anne at FRENCH HOUR.

In this course, you’ll start learning French from the beginning, building blocks as you progress from one lesson to the next. Learn how to pronounce French sounds, learn numbers, how to order in a restaurant, how to ask for directions, it’s all there. The pace picks up as you go along, starting slow and leaving you at the end of the course with a complete basic dictionary, an overview of French grammar and lots of practice exercises for your own personal growth.

Dive into it, immerse yourself in the language, do 5 minutes every day and Anne guarantees you’ll make great progress.

This is a DELF A1 course, and each lesson is made to last you for a week.

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Français débutant – DELF A1

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