French Verbs – Tenses And Modes

French Verbs – Tenses and Modes

Tenses and modes – What’s up with that?

French verbs are rarely used in their infinitive form – to be, to have… They are conjugated according to the subject in the sentence, often a pronoun – I, it, they, the cats… – the mode – I like, I would like. There’s also the tense to consider – I like, I like, I will like. And a very French concept are the verb groups – 1st, 2nd and 3rd group.

In most French grammar, you’ll notice that French verbs are separated into 3 groups. That helps a bit in terms of conjugation pattern.

What are the French subject pronouns?

A subject is a person, an animal or a thing who is doing the action in the sentence. Often, they are used as a pronoun.

What is a mode anyway?

A mode (or mood) tells us about the point of view of the speaker. There are six modes.

And what’s a tense?

There are three tenses which are pretty straight forward. Present, past and future.

 What group is my French verb in ?

A group is a way to categorize French verbs. There are 3 verb groups in French.


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