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Negative Sentences – Part 2 – Today’s French

Negative Sentences – Part 2 – Today’s French

Negative Sentences – Part 2

Les phrases négatives – 2ième partie

How does PLUS, JAMAIS, PERSONNE work in French?

Look at these sentences:

  • ne … plus — no more, not anymore
    • Il ne pense plus au sourire de la voisine.
      • He’s not thinking about the smile of the neighbor anymore.
  • ne … jamais — never
    • Elle ne va jamais au centre commercial.
      • She never goes to the mall.
  • ne … personne — nobody
    • Je n’ai vu personne.
      • I didn’t see anybody.

These 3 sentences are negative with PLUS, JAMAIS AND PERSONNE. Continue learning about RIEN, AUCUN, NULLE PART, EITHER, NEITHER, NOR in the lesson.



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