pluS or plus – Pronouncing the S at the end

How To Say Strawberry In French

Plus vs PluS – pluS or plus – Pronouncing the S at the end. When should I pronounce the S at the end? Learn the rules in this worksheet.

Amber was asking about how to pronounce PLUS the other day. Here is how it works.

PLUS means both MORE, and its opposite NO MORE, NONE, ANYMORE. Go figure! Learn when you should pronounce the S at the end with Anne’s worksheet.

Mini Quiz - Plus · Pronouncing the S at the end

Choisissez la bonne réponse : choisissez si on prononce le S ou non. -- Pick the right answer: decide if you pronounce the S or not.
    Are you not coming to France anymore?
    He doesn’t like chestnuts anymore.
    They’ll have to sing more French songs.
    You’ll pick more strawberries in Plougastel.

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