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Un Citron Pressé Dans Le 6ième Arrondissement à Paris

Je vais prendre un citron pressé — I’ll have a glass of lemonade


Mini Quiz - Conjugate PRENDRE

Choisissez la bonne réponse suivant la traduction. Pick the right answer according to the translation.
  • Les temps courants

    Les 4 temps courants : phrases au présent, à l'imparfait, au passé composé et au futur de l’indicatif.
    I had a drink with her ​​yesterday. (I took a glass with her ​​yesterday.
    You've made a big decision.
    They always take the highway.
  • Tous les temps et modes

    Have a drink with her.
    We need to take the train tomorrow.
    We (nous) haven't been driving for a long time. (We (nous) haven't been taking the car anymore for a long time).

Encore !

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