Halloween ou La Toussaint ? – Quiz – Today’s French

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Halloween ou La Toussaint ? – Mini Quiz – Today’s French

Halloween ou La Toussaint ? – Interro – Le français d’aujourd’hui

What are the differences between Halloween and La Toussaint? Practice with Anne. Download the audio file and print this page. Learn French and listen to Anne, a French native, say it at FrenchHour.com

Halloween est fêtée dans les pays anglophones. Aujourd’hui, le 1 novembre, c’est la Toussaint que les Français célèbrent. Je me souviens, quand j’étais jeune, d’avoir à aller au cimetière et de mettre des chrysanthèmes sur les tombes de mes arrière-grands-parents, de mes grands-parents, des cousins proches ou éloignés. Pour moi, c’était une corvée triste et ennuyeuse. J’envie les enfants qui s’amusent tant à Halloween 🙂

Découvrez les différences entre Halloween et La Toussaint en répondant à cette interro.

Halloween is celebrated in anglophone countries. Today is November 1st, and it’s All Saints’ Day that the French celebrate. I remember, when I was a young girl, having to go to the cemetery and put chrysanthemums on the graves of my great-grandparents, my grandparents, and close or distant cousins. For me it was a sad and boring chore. I envy children who have so much fun on Halloween 🙂

Learn what the differences between Halloween and La Toussaint are by taking this quiz.

Quiz - Halloween ou La Toussaint ?

In this quiz, you'll learn about the differences between Halloween and La Toussaint. -- Apprenez les différences entre Halloween et La Toussaint.
  • People are costumed on Halloween.
  • Children say the rhyme "Trick-or-treat" on All Saint’s Day. -- Visit more at Trick-or-Treat in French
  • All Saints' Day is not a national holiday. -- Visit more at French National Holidays
  • All Saints' Day is based on religion. -- Visit more at National Holidays - Mini Quiz
  • All Saints' Day is a joyous day.
  • People put on costumes on All Saints Day.
  • On Halloween, children wear costumes.
  • On All Saints' Day in France, one puts chrysanthemums on the graves of our loved ones.
  • People don’t work on Halloween.
  • Halloween isn’t a religious holiday. -- Visit more at National Holidays - Mini Quiz
  • On November 1, French people go to the cemetery on the graves of their loved ones to honor them.
  • Children beg for candy on All Saints' Day. -- Visit more at French Candy – Quiz – Today’s French
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