faire le pont – French expression

Muguet 1 Mai

faire le pont – to take a long weekend – Mot du Jour

faire le pont – to make the bridge. faire le pont means ‘to take a long weekend’ in everyday French. When a national holiday falls on a Thursday or a Tuesday, it is not unusual for French workers to also take the Friday or the Monday off, making it a 4-day weekend. Faire le pont could easily be called the merry-month-of-May expression, as French people often take advantage of  3 – sometimes even 4 – long weekends to get away that month. Sometimes, it feels there are more (paid) holidays than work days in May in France.

  • « Je vais pouvoir aller visiter le château de Chambord et son nouveau jardin à la fin de la semaine car je fais le pont. »
    • “I’ll be able to visit the Chambord castle and its new garden at the end of the week because I’m taking a long weekend.”
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