DONT – Relative Pronoun – Today’s French

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DONT – Relative Pronoun – Today’s French

DONT – Pronom Relatif – Le français d’aujourd’hui

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DONT = whose, about whom, about which, of whom, of which

Translate the sentences from one column to another. From French to English (la version) is easier, from English to French (la thèse) a bit more challenging.

  1. La feuille dont j’ai besoin est sur ton bureau.
  2. Le livre dont je parle est trop cher.
  3. La femme dont le frère est garagiste est dans ton bureau.
  1. The piece of paper I need is on your desk.
  2. The book I’m talking about is too expensive.
  3. The woman whose brother is a mechanic is in your office.


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