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quoi qu’il arrive – French expression

Quoi Qu’il Arrive – French Expression

quoi qu’il arrive – French expression

no matter what happens – Mot du jour

What does ”quoi qu’il arrive” mean? How do you say ‘no matter what happens’ in French? How is is pronounced? How is it used in a French sentence? Listen to me say it in French at FrenchHour.

quoi qu’il arrive – what that it happens – In everyday French, FFF means ‘whatever happens, no matter what happens’.

  • « Quoi qu’il arrive, je m’inscris à French Hour car les leçons de français y sont super bien expliquées. »
    • “No matter what happens, I’m signing up for French Hour because French lessons there are very well done. “


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quoi que, quoique and more – Today’s French

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