Free Sample Lessons

Free Sample Lessons

Free Sample Lessons

Échantillon de Leçons Gratuites

This course features a sample of a few lessons you’ll find on the site. I hope you enjoy them.

If you’re not sure where to start with French, or if you want to check out my site, this free course is for you!

I put together this course with 2 sections. In the first section, you’ll study French with a sample of lessons taken from different courses on the site, covering different levels and interests. The second section of this course features a quiz that will test your knowledge of French grammar, vocabulary, and culture in general. It’s fun and you can take it as many times as you want.

To enjoy this course at no charge, you’ll need to enroll in it. This will prompt you to create a free French Hour account. The account too, is free. It’s how the site recognizes you, like saying “Bonjour” to me. The other perk of being a French Hour account holder, aside from easy navigation, is that you get the French Hour newsletters, with weekly free lessons.

Once enrolled, you will keep this course forever, and you can use it at your own pace. Click on “Mark Complete” when you’re done with a lesson, and the system will keep track of what you’ve already studied in the past.

Not sure you’re ready?

You’d like more free lessons? Be sure to look for clickable lessons throughout the site. You’ll find clickable lessons in the syllabus, in the right-hand column of the course description. They are free and you’ll find them in every course.

Want to skip directly to your free trial membership?

As a Premium member, you can learn French from hundreds of topics, get free access to all the courses and unlock all the lessons in them, at no extra charge. Try it risk-free now, and enjoy your free trial, money-back guarantee.


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Cliquez sur ENROLL


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