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French has many homophones, words that are pronounced the same way. Do this mini-quiz and continue to learn French with many more in the sample quiz (Click-on-Take) or in the course.

Le français a de nombreux homophones, des mots qui se prononcent de la même manière. Faites ce mini-quiz et continuez votre apprentissage du français dans le quiz gratuit (Click-on-Take) ou dans le cours.

Here are the 3 /mɛʁ/ – ‘mères’ – we’re working on today.

  1. mère = mother
  2. mer = sea
  3. maire = mayor

Quiz - Homophones - mère, maire or mer?

Pick the right answer.
    He has to ask his _____ before going out tonight.
    The _____ of this village works 24/7.
    We’re going to the _____ this summer.

Encore !


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