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N’importe ! – French expression

N’importe ! – French Expression

N’importe ! – French expression

Whatever! – Mot du jour

What does ” N’importe !” mean? How do you say ‘Whatever!’ in French? How is is pronounced? How is it used in a French sentence? Listen to Anne’s AUDIO file.

N’importe – to not be of importance – In everyday French, N’importe ! means ‘it’s not important’, ‘any’, ‘it doesn’t make any difference’, ‘whichever’, ‘whatever’.

It’s used with an !

  • Quand je t’ai demandé quelles fleurs tu voulais que je t’achète, tu m’as dit « N’importe ! »
    • When I asked you what flowers you wanted me to buy for you, you said, “Whatever! “
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