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About MAL – Today’s French

About MAL – Today’s French

About MAL – Today’s French

À propos de MAL – Le français d’aujourd’hui

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It’s not that intuitive to describe pain – MAL – in French, and to know what verb to use. I compiled this list of the main uses of MAL. Listen, copy, download, practice again and again and learn French with me. So much fun !

  1. avoir mal …. to hurt
  2. avoir mal à …. to hurt somewhere
  3. avoir du mal à …. to find it difficult to, have trouble, to have a hard time (doing something)
  1. J’ai mal.
  2. J’ai mal au dos.
  3. J’ai du mal à boucler mes fins de mois.
  1. I’m in pain.
  2. My back hurts.
  3. I’m having trouble making ends meet.


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