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Happy students – Des élèves heureux 🙂


Whatever your reason for brushing up your French Anne is the teacher for you.

Anne is the most amazing French teacher I have ever worked with and she helped me reach my personal goal which was to work again in French. This is what I did this week and Anne is the person who gave me the confidence as well as the skills to make this happen. Thanks Anne!

What makes Anne so special is that she makes learning a joy and at the same time she’ll help you make the learning stick in a way that fits with who you are. Formal textbooks and lists of vocabulary to memorise are nowhere to be seen!

Anne quickly identified my level of French and where we needed to focus in order to help me reach the goal I set myself. Anne has a treasure chest of resources that I could easily  tap into, and we covered all manner of issues that were directly connected to what I wanted to improve. What I also liked is that our classes were tailor made to me as a person and to my level of French. She’s always encouraging, smiling, and challenging in a way that makes me look forward to our classes.

Everyone whatever their level of French will enjoy and learn with Anne and feel confident to go out there and connect with the French-speaking world!

I just attended a full week immersion program with Anne at the farm in Thourie. It was am amazing experience. Not only is Anne an exceptional teacher, she is a wonderful guide for all of Bretagne. She put her heart and soul into the program and her love for the culture and language is profound and infectious. I came away with a renewed desire to improve my French language skills as well as a wonderful memories of the trip. Her patient and flexible approach to the course made it easy for all. Her sense of fun and enthusiasm are a natural gift and I strongly recommend this program to anyone with an interest in a unique and very personal approach to French language and cultural immersion.

Thank you Anne for your lessens! I have been learning French with Anne for 3 months with Skype to get used to French before I go to the country. I enjoyed her lessons and made a progress. She is intelligent, can cover any subjects to talk about and very patient. I understood my weak points and how to study from now on.
I appreciate her lessons.

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I have very much enjoyed your podcasts.  I am a language teacher myself (Spanish and English) and find your podcasts, along with News in Slow French (Spanish/Italian), to be the best resources online.  There is very little out there for the advanced french student, so your work is very useful to me and my classmates.

How To Say Camelia In French

Merci, Anne!! I have studied French with Rosetta Stone, Berlitz, and the Alliance Francaise and Anne is by far the best teacher with the best process of any. You learn very practical French in a supportive and fun way and she has fantastic tools to augment the lessons. I really look forward to my weekly lessons; each one is custom designed for where I am and what I need. Anne is very creative in using different learning methodologies with a focus on getting you to speak the language. When there’s an important grammar rule she explains it in a clear way with lots of examples. She’s a fantastic teacher … and her teaching is totally current unlike most French text and workbooks.


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I am very glad I am learning French with you! Your courses are very valuable and useful material. All I must do now just to learn it properly(!)I shall work and try hard! Merci, Anne.
I appreciate her lessons.

I have been taking classes with Anne for 5 years and, it has not only been a great learning experience, it has actually been fun. Anne’s methods are way more interesting than French in college and she makes a lot more sense and I know that, if I put the time in, I can really make progress. She seems to have a work sheet on almost everything I have difficulty with and continues to add to them everyday. Thanks Anne.

I am Mary’s husband Andris, Mary has written above about our experience with Anne and I would just like to add a few words. Anne’s Farmhouse accommodation is located in a lovely, peaceful spot near the village of Thourie. I found staying and relaxing at the Gite while Mary undertook lessons with Anne extremely pleasant. Our trips away were wonderful, a day trip to Mont Sant Michel and a two day trip to Rochefort – on -terre, Port Avon and Concarneau. Then a visit to Carnac to see the Menhirs was stunning.

Anne was charming and flexible (coping cheerfully with last minute alteration). We relished the cooking sessions and were able to take home some wonderful ideas for deserts and souffle.

A really first class week in and around Thourie under Anne’s excellent guidance. Due to all the difficulties in France, the strikes, lack of petrol, Anne had to really redo the IPF program from scratch. This involved walks and biking around the area and meeting plenty of local people- what a delight!

Anne put so much energy and passion into the revised programme but was also incredibly patient in correcting my mistakes and helping to develop my spoken French. She also got a non- cooking guy into the kitchen and we had some excellent food and wine.

Top marks for a great teacher and a great hostess- wish I could do it all over again!

I have been studying French with Anne since June, 2015, with the goal of learning as much of the language as possible. Thanks to Anne’s impressive teaching skills, I have made remarkable progress. In fact, I just received my DELF certification level B1, awarded by the French Ministry of Education, which is the level required to apply for French citizenship. Anne has a unique ability to convey complex grammatical concepts in straightforward, easily understandable terms. For example, her explanation of French pronominal verbs is quite simply the best I have ever heard. Anne brings enormous energy and hard work to her lessons, and her obvious love of teaching her native French shines throughout everything she does. She is always happy to tailor her lessons to the student’s individual abilities and goals. Without question, Anne is the teacher you need if you want to realize your full potential in learning the French language.

Greg H. in the USA

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Just got back from a wonderful total immersion class with Anne. A group of us have taken 5 years of classes from Anne and have really made progress. She is a patient, intelligent and fun teacher. The total immersion class held at her family farm in Brittany was fabulous. We stayed at the farm, took classes in the morning, excursions around Brittany in the afternoons, and then cooked meals for our group that were regional favorites. Check out her Pinterest boards to see what a great time we had in Brittany. Her family farm was comfortable as well as beautiful. She has an ability to teach a group with varying skill levels, so don’t be afraid to take her immersion class.

Mary And Andris

I had heard about Anne’s programmes from Yvonne, who found her first immersion immensely valuable. She was also planning a second one, so this in itself speaks highly of Anne. My husband just happened to have a conference in Paris, so what better follow up than to be immersed in Thourie. Anne was so cheerfully flexible in the planning stages, even when we added an extra trip several weeks out from the commencement. We visited Rennes several times. We hauled her to Mont St Michel, then to Concarneau, taking in Rochefort en Terre and Pont Aven. Thence to Carnac to see the stunning stones. She adapted the programme to our interests the whole time, adding personalised videos and excursions because she noticed an interest. She also was so patient with me, consistently instilling confidence,  constantly encouraging me to voice my thoughts in French. Her skills as a teacher are patently evident. She is extremely organised, has vast resources prepared for easy access and is consistently cheerful and positive. We adored the accommodation. Such an authentic experience but with all the comforts and cleanliness to put one at ease. And the food!!!  I wish we could bottle her and take her home. Anne has high order interpersonal skills and will cater to all requirements… large, small and quirky. We are so glad we came.

Anne is the best French language teacher who I have ever met. She is very professional. Her lessons are worth every penny. If you are serious about learning French, don’t look no further. She is a real gem.


I started studying French several years ago and had concluded that I would probably never be able to converse in the language. Then I started working with Anne via Skype and taking French Hour courses. What a difference! Anne’s methods are intriguing, entertaining – and most important – highly effective. Her videos build aural comprehension through tools she has developed, all while providing glimpses of daily life in France. In three short months I have made progress I never though possible. Anne’s methods are unique. If you want to learn French, this is the way to go.


Just to add to Yvonne. I am her husband who shared the experiences shown below.
I cannot but sing the praises of our host teacher and guide Anne, she goes out of her way to make the hours and days interesting and stimulating, not only does one learn the language but one is exposed to the culture and the beauty of the region. I can thoroughly recommend seven days of being chauffeured and guided through this beautiful part of Brittany.


I have been learning French with Anne via Skype for around four years and I must say that Anne is an exceptional teacher with an endless array of material and tools to keep me motivated. Whilst the focus of my lessons is conversation, we also cover the other language disciplines as well. The lessons are tailored for me with specific exercises to address my weaknesses. I go to France every year and have very little difficulty understanding my friends speak even when in a group and speaking ‘every day’ French – I know that this is 100% a result of my lessons with Anne. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Merci Anne, à mardi !


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I studied french with Anne for almost 2 years. She is an exceptional teacher with so many tools that make learning french clear and easy. Any question you have can be answered with one of her organized and concise worksheets. Anne is skilled at teaching from beginning to advanced students. I have tried a few french study programs including classes at my high school and rosetta stone, and I can honestly say that Anne’s lessons were far superior to both of those. She is a lovely person and a patient teacher.

It was a lovely stay with Anne, again,  in the Breton countryside surrounded by rolling hills of green in December.  This was my second IPF with Anne, and I enjoyed it as much as my first.  The accommodations were very comfortable, and the food was delicious and plentiful.  Most importantly, we spoke French every day, and Anne patiently helped me to constantly improve.  I look forward to returning soon for a third immersion stay.

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The activities in my immersion course were suggested by Anne after I told her about my interests and the things I wanted to see. We arrived at an itinerary that included museums, cultural activities, markets, gardens and tasting experiences with local foods. On Sunday, Anne met me at the train station in Rennes and we went to Thourie, a small village in the country about half an hour from Rennes. It is a lovely peaceful spot. My accommodation was simple, clean and comfortable.

The next day we set off for Pont Aven on the South coast of Brittany where we planned to spend the first night. On the way we stopped at Rochefort-en-Terre, a beautiful village with views of the surrounding country. Pont Aven is a lovely village where Gauguin set up an artists’ colony and works from the group can be found in the local museum. We had a gourmet meal at Sur Le Pont in the evening and our hotel breakfast the next morning contained a variety of delicious local specialties.

The following three nights were spent in Quimper, once again in a comfortable hotel. We went to two great museums and took a guided tour of a famous pottery workshop. One afternoon we wandered through a beautiful English style garden in nearby Combrit, where I took a video of noisy happy frogs in the aquatic garden. What a treat!

Back in Rennes on Saturday we joined the locals at the ‘grand marché’. We saw four or five weddings at the Mairie, and enjoyed the performances of the street artists.

I really enjoyed my week with Anne in Brittany. She looked after me so well and made everything easy. It was a wonderful experience and I learned lots of French.

I have studied French for ten months. Most has been on my own, using Rosetta Stone, various audio sources, and various grammar texts. The most intensive was two days of Immersion French at a local Alliance Francaise. Personal instruction from Anne has included the best of all of these techniques, and none of the downsides. I get personal attention without having to get the words exactly right, right now; I get suggestions when I need them, but I can take the time to try to get the phrases out myself; I get gentle pointers supplied in a supportive manner. Along the way, I get insights into the French and the French culture. In two sessions, I’ve begun to develop a sense of confidence that I haven’t had in ten months of study. I can feel it starting to come together.


Mike T.

My time here at FrenchHour has far exceeded my expectations. Anne is a great teacher and the teaching environment is very relaxed yet structured.

I have never been to Europe so I didn’t know what to expect when I got here. Thourie and the surrounding villages are very interesting and date back to the 17th century and beyond. Just walking around is an education in it’s self.
I would recommend to anyone to come and experience FrenchHour and all it has to offer for your french learning needs. It is worth it!

Dear Anne

I am a regular listener to your podcasts.  I want to thank you for making the audios free, explaining the vocabulary and giving me the chance to improve my pronunciation.  I take down the vocabulary, listen and then write out the transcript.  I am always learning with your update information, your colloquial expressions and new vocabulary.  Your podcasts are also very entertaining and funny.  They help me learn about France culture and society, and relax when I have time for myself. Regards, Blanca G-P (trilangue!)
Website content meets my needs: Excellent
Worksheets content: Excellent
Worksheets navigation: Excellent
Overall website navigation: Excellent
Log in and log out: Excellent
Audio files: Excellent

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5 stars across the board – I’ve come across a few sites that teach French, but this is one that I always come back. It’s my “go to” website. I got hooked on the mot du jour early on and have taken classes with Anne. I have 2 teenage kids and spend a lot of time on the road taking them places. I can’t do as much class work as I like but there is a lot of material that can be listened while in the car or having a coffee. The French language is not easy to learn for me, but Anne makes it easier. I’ve been lucky to go to France on holiday and I usually get into some funny conversations. That doesn’t bother me or the French. If you make the effort to speak French, the French will be very accommodating. After all, they had to learn it themselves and they know that it can be challenging.

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