How It Works

FRENCH HOUR exists to create a fun and easy way for students of all ages to learn conversational French through a variety of lessons and activities.  When you purchase or sign up for course – free or not – with FRENCH HOUR, it’s yours forever—no need to re-purchase that course ever, even when Anne adds lessons to it.

FRENCH HOUR is a course-based platform for learning French. ‘Course-based’ means that you have to first select a course to access its lessons. However, you can also become a member, a FRENCH HOUR member, and get access all the thousands of worksheets and resources Anne put together over the years.

Always Fresh Content

We work hard to continually add interesting new content to FRENCH HOUR, and we’re always putting courses on sale, so come back often to see what’s new!

Two quick ways to learn French with the site

There are 2 ways you can learn French after you’ve signed up for a free account on the site.

1.Purchase courses or bundles and keep them forever. Visit your account page to see what you’ve purchased in the past.

2.Become a member and get full access to all the lessons, worksheets, quizzes on the site for the whole duration of your membership.

Many ways to learn French with Anne

Browse French expressions, Today’s French exercises and read ‘Le Blogue’ for free.

Become a member, access all the material on the site through all the courses offered on the site. No limit for members!

Take a course, take two, take all the courses, download all the worksheets and the many quizzes and keep them forever. Spot the many free lessons in all the courses.

Leave a comment that Anne or a community member can react to

Ask a question on the Forum for Anne or a community member to answer

Take a private lesson, a tutorial with Anne

Come to an IPFrance

Share the FH link onto your social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Google and more

Spread the FH word in your French class or your French meeting

Merci à toutes et à tous, 



Anyone can visit FRENCH HOUR and learn from the podcasts and free short lessons available on the site

Visitors and guests can listen to the podcasts and view starter versions of our worksheets, vocabulary lists, and exercises.

As a student and a member, you get all that, plus full versions of all the tools, quizzes and exercises that will enable you to take your French to the next level.

The chart below shows the website features available to a visitor, and the benefits of signing up for the newsletter with a free account, for purchasing a course or for being a member.

Get Started Now

We offer courses based on culture, grammar, dictation and vocabulary.  Take your first class today!


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