At school – French Terms – Today’s French

December 3, 2021 : Premium French
À l'école - Termes en français Part of All Levels | French Schools What are French terms to talk about school and education? Learn French expressions about school. « Y a pas école aujourd’hui, youpi ! » “There is no...
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Je vous trouve très beau – Bande Annonce

November 1, 2021 : Premium French
I think you're very handsome - Trailer Part of French Videos | Bandes-annonces Aymé Pigrenet vient de perdre sa femme. Il n'est pas submergé par le chagrin, mais anéanti par le travail qu'il va devoir désormais effectuer tout seul à la...
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July 1, 2021 : Premium French
BOREDOM or BORED Part of Learning Activities | French Headaches ENNUI and S’ENNUYER have many variants and many meanings in French. We'll untangle all the uses here. This lesson goes over the main translations. The exercise at the end of...
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Petite Bouffe au Bistro – Français avancé

May 18, 2021 : Premium French
Fun Bistro Grub - Advanced French Part of Delf B Courses | Advanced French In this lesson, you’ll learn how to talk about eating out in France. You’ll find Vocabulary in context with and audio file to listen to and...
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Agreement of the Past Participle – Expert Corner

May 11, 2021 : Premium French
Accords Complexes du participe passé Part of Past Tenses | Agreement of the Past Participle Agreement of the Past Participle This lesson is the sequel to 'Agreement of the Past participle - Part 1' that goes over the basics. Practice...
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Loire Valley Castles

May 8, 2021 : About France, Premium French
Les Châteaux de la Loire Part of French Culture Courses | Visit France Focus on 6 Loire Valley Castles, a short list of the chateaux at FrenchHour, including Chenonceau, Chambord, Villandry, Azay-le-Rideau, Cheverny, Amboise. France makes it really easy to...
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KIFFER – French Verb conjugated

February 18, 2021 : Premium French
KIFFER - TO LOVE in familiar French Part of Grammar Courses | Conjugated Verbs KIFF- is the root of the verb -ER is the ending of the verb Je kiffe les JO. I love the Olympics. Indicatif - Indicative Mode ...
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ÊTRE or AVOIR – Which one is it?

February 17, 2021 : Everyday French, Premium French
ÊTRE ou AVOIR ? Part of Grammar Courses | Conjugated Verbs ÊTRE or AVOIR How to remember which verb means what. êtrE = to bE => they both end with an E AVoir = to hAVe => they both have...
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Les fleurs – Liste

February 7, 2021 : Premium French
Une pivoine de mon jardin Les fleurs en français Part of Vocabulary Courses | French Vocabulary Short List - Petite liste Les astérisques (*) dénotent les fleurs comestibles. buttercup -- m -- bouton d’or (golden button) calla lily -- m --...
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Fitness Terms in French

January 19, 2021 : Premium French
Vocabulaire sur « La Forme » Part of Sports in French | French Vocabulary Lists Learn French vocabulary about fitness and sports. 20-word List French Fitness Terms abs .... mp .... abdos balance .... m .... équilibre body .... m .... corps...
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La Maison – Mots Croisés

January 19, 2021 : Premium French
House Vocabulary - Crossword Puzzle Part of Learning Activities | Crossword Puzzles Review the vocabulary for this topic here as a premium member. Définitions – Clues Across                           ...
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Bubbly New Year’s Eve Dinner – French dictation

December 30, 2020 : Premium French
Réveillon au Champ - Dictée Part of Dictations | The New Year Réveillon au Champ Cette année, on met les petits plats dans les grands : on réveillonne tout au champagne - de l’apéro au dessert. Du Champ, oui, mais pas n’importe...
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Dictée – La Toussaint

October 31, 2020 : Premium French
All Saints' Day - Dictation Part of Halloween and La Toussaint | Dictations La Toussaint  Demain, premier jour de novembre, c’est la Toussaint. Nous descendrons en Lozère, chez nous. Nous achèterons trois pots de chrysanthèmes pour les déposer sur les...
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A Voicemail Message – Today’s French

May 29, 2020 : Premium French, Today's French
Un message vocal - Le français d'aujourd'hui Part of French Culture | French - Daily Practice The other day, Greg, a dear student of mine was asking what would a typical voicemail or greeting message be. I thought you too,...
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April 21, 2020 : Premium French
Traduire TO SEEM Part of Learning Activities | French Headaches In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use TO SEEM in French.  You’ll find a list of translations for TO SEEM in French usages and examples practice and answers more -...
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La drogue – Vocabulaire

April 20, 2020 : Premium French
Drug Terms Part of French Vocabulary | My Health Today, we're learning a few terms to talk about or to read about drugs in French. In this lesson, you’ll learn French vocabulary about drugs.  You’ll find a short list about drugs...
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Type French Accents

March 20, 2020 : Premium French
Taper les accents Part of Learning How to Learn French In this lesson, you’ll learn about typing French accents on a non-French keyboard You’ll find step how to type French accents practice so you become fluent in French accents APPLE Typing...
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to go to — to come from

March 6, 2020 : Premium French
Aller à·en·au -- Venir de·du Part of All Levels | French Verbs and their Prepositions Prepositions and Places – How do you say ‘to go to a place’ and ‘to come from a place’? Tricky, tricky, tricky. Knowing what preposition...
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Reflexive Pronouns

March 4, 2020 : Premium French
Pronoms Réfléchis Pronouns - pro·nouns - are used to replace a noun: pro means for, or replacing in Latin. A reflexive pronoun is used to replace another person or thing (to you, to them) when the action is done to...
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Ne touchez pas aux Patous – Une vidéo

October 28, 2019 : Premium French
Don’t touch the Great Pyrenees – A video Part of Juste une Vidéo | French Videos List Watch the video, print and read the passage and translation, and repeat. Learn French today, one step at a time with Anne at
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