Tutorial Membership

Tutorial Membership

Tutorial Packet – FRENCH HOUR is available FREE to Anne’s current tutorial students.

Merci !

Thank you for thinking of becoming a tutorial French Hour member.

You might already have a French Hour account. That’s like saying “Bonjour” to the site, that’s how it recognizes you.

The next step is to become a Premium member. This will grant you full and unlimited access to the lessons (organized by courses) on the site.

Here are a few links you’ll find helpful:

  1. If you have an account, you can manage it here.
  2. You may easily change your password here.
  3. See what’s the difference between a visitor, a free member and a premium member.
  4. How to navigate FrenchHour
  5. Still have a question? Read the FAQ page.
  6. Also visit the Memberships Plans and the Site Map to see all of what French Hour has to offer.
  7. The FAQ page is here. However, I’m also always happy to answer any of your questions by email.


  1. Enroll here at no risk: you have a free trial to decide if you like FrenchHour or not. Or click here to see other plans.
  2. Learn French with unlimited access to all the courses – hundreds of lessons!


J’espère vous voir bientôt sur le site !

Tutorial Membership


Study French for Free With this Tutorial Membership! Congratulations! You will get everything on the site for free, as long as you ENROLL in the courses of your choice. Don’t worry—it’s free to you! So JOIN here to get the Tutorial Membership and ENROLL in the courses of your choice later on.