Exclusive Membership

Exclusive membership

FRENCH HOUR is now offering this exclusive membership to you, valued member of French ETC.

We are very excited about this new learning platform.  It allows us to create smooth worksheets and fun quizzes and exercises to give you a better learning experience.

As you know, French ETC will be staying up, but no new material will be created on it by the end of 2016, but as a valued member, we don’t want to leave you hanging. So we are offering French ETC membership holders an exclusive FRENCH HOUR unlimited membership.

You’ll have access to all current and future premium courses, along with exclusive member-only content and quizzes.


baccalaureat-2005We appreciate your commitment to French ETC, and would like to honor that commitment with the first month of your exclusive membership FOR FREE!  After your first month, there’s a low monthly subscription so you maintain unrestricted access to the entire site and all premium courses and content. That’s hundreds of worksheets, exercises, and quizzes!

This membership is month-to-month, with no annual commitment. Should you choose to discontinue your membership, you may cancel by clicking “cancel membership” under your “My account” tab. Should you chose to cancel your subscription, your billing will expire at the end of that month.



How to get all the courses for free?

Sign up by clicking only once on the button below, and you should be able to access all the courses for free on the whole site.

Once you registered to this Exclusive Membership, you’ll be directed to create an account (it takes less than 5 minutes, go down the page). You may then pick a course and register to that course to have free access to all the lessons in it. And you can enroll in all the courses on the site.



Come and visit often, as our library of courses is growing every day. What you see today on FRENCH HOUR isn’t the complete catalog. Anne is working non-stop behind the scene and there are fresh courses being added all the time.



Exclusive Membership

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Study French With this Exclusive Membership! Congratulations! You will get everything on the site for free, as long as you ENROLL in the courses of your choice. Don’t worry—it’s free to you! So JOIN here to get the Exclusive Membership and ENROLL in the courses of your choice later on.