Useful Links To Learn More French

Useful links to learn more French

Useful links to learn more French

Liens Utiles pour Apprendre le Français

This is a list of the most popular links to learn more French my students have liked over the years. Some of the links might get obsolete over time. Tehre might also be some rights issues with the country you live in. Please let me know in the comment box at the bottom fo the page if a link is mute for you.









  • France Inter – news and magazines
  • RFI is a great link if you already speak French well, but would like to work on the nitty-gritty. You can listen to a short summary of national news and read the transcription at the same time.

French songs


  • TV5 French and Francophone TV with all kinds of shows. Ask your local TV company if they offer TV5. Their Web site is good, but doesn’t work well in my area.


  • Schaum’s  grammar
  • Schaum’s French Vocabulary
  • 501 verbs



  • Through FRENCH HOUR, you can practice your French with Anne, a native speaker and experienced teacher. She’ll guide you through your journey and help you improve your speaking as well as your writing with undivided attention.
  • The conversation exchange is a site dedicated to finding you a partner so you can help one another with languages.
  • Yabla French is an online video magazine for French learners who wish to improve their language skills. Authentic French videos offer captions in multiple languages, pitch-correct slow play, integrated dictionaries and listening exercises. You can find more complete authentic French exercises at Study Authentic French, though 🙂


Enjoy French culture with Rick Steves podcasts in iTunes. Look for ‘Travel with Rick Steves’ in your iTunes Store and subscribe for free. (Not all of his shows are about France, though.)


I have FH’s immersion programs from time to time. They are a lot of fun. Keep your eyes open for the next program to come. See testimonials and pictures here.

I also used to work for ‘The experiment in International Living’. They were extremely careful about their programs at the time. I imagine they still are, and that their many programs in France also are serious and fun. Click here to see their web site.


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  1. I just looked at the RFI link, and there are so many topics to choose from. I am excited to check it out further.

    Thanks for sharing all of these links! There is something for everyone here.
    What an an excellent list for those of us studying French and France!

    Thank you, Anne!


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