Tour De France – Facts – Quiz

Tour de France – Facts – Quiz

Jeu du Tour

Ce jeu du Tour a été réalisé par Anne. This quiz was created by Anne.

Quiz - Tour de France

Choisissez la meilleure réponse, entre A, B ou C. --- Pick the one answer – between A, B or C – that makes more sense.
    What’s the average speed of the Tour de France winners?
    There was no Tour de France _____.
    The advertising cars give out about how many presents during the 3 weeks of the Tour?
    What’s the jersey color for the best sprinter of the Tour?
    How many women have raced in the Tour de France?
    The first edition of the Tour de France was in _____.
    The last French racer to have won the Tour is _____.
    How many Frenchmen have raced in the Tour de France?
    What’s does ‘la lanterne rouge’ mean in the Tour?
    Where does the Tour end?


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