Quiz Q&A – Immersion Program In France

Quiz Q&A – Immersion Program in France

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Take this silly quiz. It’s silly because the answers are probably going to be really easy for you. Nevertheless, it will still teach you some French and help you understand Anne’s French Immersion program and everything you can learn with her.

Quiz - IPFrance in 20 questions

Learn French in France -- IPFrance is Anne's immersion program. Take this silly quiz to know what Anne's IPFrance program is all about. Look for the translation if the French is too challenging. I guarantee you'll ace this one 🙂
  • Can I come with my spouse or with a friend?
  • Do we get to giggle at Anne’s IPFrance?
  • How much is the cost of an IPFrance?
  • Can we learn how to cook French dishes during the program?
  • How many hours of instruction does IPFrance programs include?
  • Is Anne qualified to teach French? -- Learn more at Anne's Teaching Philosophy
  • Where do we sleep?
  • Can Anne help you with transportation to and from the farm?
  • How long do Anne’s IPFrance programs last?
  • How often is there an IPFrance?
  • Do students have a say in the curriculum?
  • What if I can’t eat the food prepared for us?
  • Where is the IPFrance? -- Learn more at La Bretagne
  • What level of French does IPFrance target? -- Learn more at Practical Details
  • Can I do my laundry there?
    Is there wifi?
  • Do we get to do some sightseeing around with Anne’s IPFrance?
  • What’s included in the price?
  • What are the possible words that best describe Anne’s IPFrance?
  • Anne’s Immersion Program is called ‘IPF’. What does IPF stand for?

More questions about the IPF? Send Anne a note.


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