Masculine And Feminine – Quiz

Masculine and Feminine – Quiz

Masculine and Feminine – Quiz

Masculin et Féminin – Interro

French words have a gender. It’s often arbitrary, so you just have to learn them by heart.

My advice, learn the gender – masculin or feminine – at the same time you learn a new word.

In any case, here is a quiz. I hope you enjoy it.

Quiz - Masculine and Feminine

Pick the right answer according to the translation. Choisissez la bonne réponse selon la traduction.
    I don’t like cheese.
    This book weighs at least 10 pounds.
    S/He’s a marathon runner.
    I think s/he’s a very good football coach.
    The dog is in the house.
    The phone is ringing.
    The pâté in this restaurant is delicious.
    I need his/her vase to put his pretty flowers.
    French Hour is an online school.
    The book is interesting.
  • 2ième partie

    He prefers this wood stove to heat the house.
    I’m frying the egg in the frying pan.
    He has a very interesting position in this company.
    Your sleeve is stained.
    I’m visiting the Montparnasse Tower in Paris.
    The show is nice.
    My coffeemaker is full of coffee.
    The Tour de France is happening in July.
    My boy-friend is making a tapenade.
    Are you going to the Post Office?
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  1. Anne: The sentence <> has une in both boxes for gender selection. Also not all the sentences in the quiz are translated after selection.

    I’m enjoying your class and look forward to the day when I can express my comments in French.

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