Halloween Expressions – Quiz – Sneak Peek

Halloween Expressions – Quiz – Sneak Peek

Halloween Expressions – Quiz – Sneak Peek

Expressions pour Halloween – Interro

Here are 3 common Halloween words and expressions in French. Your job is to find the right one in this quiz.

When you’re done with the quiz, click on all the links to learn the French expression in depth and remember it.

Voici 3 mots et expressions françaises courantes: Je vous demande de la trouver dans l’interro.

Quand vous aurez fini l’interro, cliquez sur tous les liens pour apprendre l’expression en profondeur et vous en souvenir.

Mini Quiz - Halloween Expressions

Choisissez la bonne réponse. Pick the right answer.
    She is really crazy. She is totally nuts.-- Visit more at être à l'ouest
    We got scared when the car arrived so quickly.
    I went to get a knife to carve the pumpkin. -- Visit more at Halloween Expressions

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