French Verbs With DANS, EN, SUR Or VERS – Quiz

French verbs with DANS, EN, SUR or VERS – Quiz

French verbs with DANS, EN, SUR or VERS – Quiz

Les verbes français avec DANS, EN, SUR or VERS – Interro

Knowing which prepositions goes with what verb isn’t intuitive. I’m afraid you just have to sit there and learn. You can do that in this course, but first, take this quiz and check your knowledge on this topic.

Quiz - French verbs with DANS, EN, SUR or VERS

Pick the right answer according to the translation.
    We jumped at the opportunity.
    It costs about 100 Euros.
    I’m going towards the city hall.
    It sold in one week.
    He left by bike to get bread.
    He believes in God.
    He had already arrived at the square.
    We’ll be there at around noon.
    We’ll leave in 20 minutes.
    I’m looking in the trunk.

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