Du Tac Au Tac – Phrases Conjuguées 1

Du tac au tac – Phrases conjuguées 1

Du tac au tac – French verbs conjugations drill

Conjugating French sentences is not that intuitive. There are many tenses and modes in French and it’s easy to get mixed up. And verbs have funny structures as well.

In this drill, Anne would like you to go as quickly as you can in clicking on the right answer.

Take the quiz as many times as you want and hone these French verbs conjugations.

Du tac au tac - Phrases conjuguées 1

Choisissez la bonne réponse. Pick the right answer.
    He would have to become French to do that.
    We competed yesterday.
    We would stay longer if we didn’t have our grandchildren with us.
    They will take office for 6 years.
    You had arrived before she had.
    He must be able to go there.
    Do not represent their political opinions, please.
    I would have gotten 12.5% of the votes.
    She had founded a new political party.
    I know she would refuse to eat carrots if I didn’t hide them with applesauce.

Encore !


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