Droits Des Femmes – Vocabulaire

Droits des Femmes – Vocabulaire

Women’s rights – Vocabulary

  1. mp …. droits des femmes …. women’s rights
  2. m …. avortement …. abortion
  3. m …. chef de famille …. head of the household
  4. m …. contrôle des naissances …. birth control
  5. f …. dirigeante …. woman leader, woman CEO
  6. f …. discrimination …. discrimination
  7. f …. discrimination des sexes …. gender discrimination
  8. m …. droit à la contraception …. right to use contraceptives
  9. f …. droit de vote[1] …. suffrage
  10. f …. égalité (des droits) au travail …. equal rights at work
  11. f …. égalité des chances …. equal opportunities
  12. f …. égalité des droits …. equal rights
  13. f …. exclusion des femmes …. women’s exclusion
  14. m …. féminisme …. feminism
  15. f …. foyer …. household
  16. m …. harcèlement sexuel …. sexual harassment
  17. f …. lutte …. fight
  18. f …. lutte féministe …. fight for women’s rights
  19. f …. maîtresse de maison (often derogatory) …. lady of the house
  20. f, m …. mère, père au foyer (often derogatory) …. at-home mom, dad
  21. m …. MLF, Mouvement de Libération des femmes …. Women’s Lib Movement
  22. m …. mouvement …. movement
  23. f …. participation des femmes …. women’s participation
  24. f …. prise de pouvoir …. empowerment
  25. f …. revendication …. claim
  26. f …. ségrégation …. segregation
  27. m …. sexisme …. sexism
  28. f …. violation des droits …. violation of rights
  29. f …. violence conjugale …. domestic violence
  30. f …. violence sexuelle …. sexual abuse

[1] French women were granted the right to vote in 1944


Quiz - Droits des femmes

Choisissez la bonne réponse. Pick the right answer.
    The Sluts, The Guardian Bitches and Neither Whores Nor _____ are three French feminist movements.
    The word "_____" is used only for animals in French, not for humans.
    French women were granted the right to _____ in 1944.
    There are 72 men in the Pantheon, but only four _____ rest in the national funerary monument.
    French women are still seeking _____.
    Parisians women can legally wear pants outside since _____.
    Women have the right to work without the authorization of their _____ in 1965 in France.
    Simone de Beauvoir has become a leading figure in _____ when she wrote 'the Second Sex'.
    Marie _____ is the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903.
    The Women’s Lib Movement emerged in France in the 1970s.


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  1. I don’t agree that women couldn’t wear pants outside in Paris until 2013. They were certainly wearing them in the late 60s and 70s 80s etc. 2013 is only 4 years ago. Is this a typo????

    1. Thank you so much, Jacqueline for noticing this. In fact, Parisian women have indeed worn pants for a long time. However, this became officially legal only in 2013. It certainly made people smile a lot when they actually changed the law on this outdated topic. Merci encore, Jacqueline 🙂

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