Bastille Day – Quiz – True Or False

Bastille Day – Quiz – True or False

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Quiz - Bastille Day - True or False

Decide if the statement is vrai (true) or faux (false).
    'La Lyonnaise’ is the French national anthem.
    The Bastille prison was captured in 1789.
    The French revolution led to the first French republic.
    Rebels to the regime were in jail at La Bastille.
    The word ‘bastille’ means ‘fortification’ or 'fort' in old French.
    The French flag colors are blue, white and red.
    Red and white were the colors of Paris.
    The French like to celebrate Bastille Day by dancing at night.
    The French say ’Happy Bastille Day!’ to each other on July 14.
    'Bastille Day’ is called ‘la journée de la Bastille’ in French.
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