Am I Ready To Learn French?

Am I ready to learn French?

Am I ready to learn French?

Learning French isn’t always a piece of cake. At first, you’re picturing ourselves wandering in the old streets of a quaint little village, chattering away with the local at the Saturday farmer’s market. Then come verb conjugations, grammar rules about the subjunctive and long lists of vocabulary you feel you need to learn. Boooring!

And if that wasn’t enough, when you celebrate you nth year-anniversary of learning French, and you still have a hard time watching French movies or listening to the news in French.

Don’t get discouraged! Learning a language ‘isn’t for sissies’ (pardon my French) and it takes many years of daily practice, like it would to learn how to play the piano well or become a yogi.

Here are some questions that will help you determine if you have what it takes to become fluent in French.

Quiz - Am I ready to learn French?

You’re not sure you’re ready to learn French ? This quiz is going to ask you several yes-or-no questions. Check out the percentage you get after you submit your answers and see if you're ready to learn French. ----- Voyons si vous êtes vraiment prêt/e à apprendre le français. Répondez honnêtement aux questions par OUI ou NON. Selon le résultat, vous saurez ainsi à la fin si vous êtes prêt à parler français couramment ou non.
  • If I had proof that memorizing is useful,
  • I can't go anywhere during the day, but
  • My problem is to find time to study French:
  • If someone or something could motivate me,
  • If I thought that the price of the class reflects the quality of the teaching, I would do French.
  • If I found a class with nice people
  • If I found a class near my home,
  • I'm okay with working with the same material - recording, article, vocabulary list, video - 10 times in a row during a given week.
  • If I studied French for 10 minutes every day,
  • If I found a French teacher who would listen to my needs,
  • If a friend took a class with me,
  • I would like to speak on an adult level, with complex and sophisticated ideas.
  • My days are too busy, however:
  • If I took a class every week,
  • If I had a follow-up between classes, I would enroll.
  • If I could find a qualified teacher able to guide me to the next step,
  • If I found an interesting immersion program at my level
  • If I found a creative teacher who could show me fun and effective exercises


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