10 French Kings

10 French kings

10 rois français

List of 10 French kings and rulers of France that are famous in French popular culture, for a reason or another, and that you hear a lot about.


  1. Clodion le Chevelu …. 429-447  …. first French ruler, chef des Francs
  2. Dagobert Ier …. 629-639 …. Dagobert is the character of a parody song created in during the French  revolution to make fun of royalty
  3. Charlemagne …. 768-814 …. conquers a lot of Europe, reformed and shook all of the old systems in place
  4. Louis IX (Saint-Louis) …. 1226-1270 …. reinforces French Christianity and crusades
  5. François Ier  …. 1515-1547 …. French renaissance actor
  6. Henri IV (le Vert-Galant) …. 1589-1610 …. signs the Edict of Nantes ending Religious Wars
  7. Louis XIV le Grand …. 1643-1715 …. the Sun king glorifies France – Versailles magnificence
  8. Louis XVI  …. 1774-1792 …. last ruler king was executed during the French revolution
  9. Napoléon Ier …. 1804-1815 …. Emperor of the French
  10. Napoléon III …. 1852-1870 …. remodels Paris to be the city we know today

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