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Explore the free material, lessons and courses that Anne offers on the site before you choose your membership. Anne publishes 3 blogs (see below) on a regular basis. Today’s French – mostly grammar – and Le Mot du Jour  – French Expressions explained in details. Once a week, Anne also published Le Blogue, a blog entry with more free practice. Each podcast entry is a practice of French and has links to study French more in depth.

Visitors – people who browse the site – and free members – people who have a French Hour account – can listen to all our podcasts and view bite-sized versions of our worksheets, vocabulary lists, and exercises. French Hour podcasts are Today’s FrenchMot du Jour and Le Blogue.

Premium members – students who have a French Hour membership – get all that, plus full versions of all the tools and exercises that will enable you to take your French to the next level.

So, do enroll in the courses of your choice to unlock its lessons with your free trial membership. That’s the way to start learning French.

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Free material

French Quizzes and Practice – a list of everyday practice for you to pick from

Today’s French  List – Quick grammar (mostly) practice every day

Mot du Jour List – Quick vocabulary practice every day

Le Blogue – Weekly newsletter with tons of freebies

Free Sample Lessons – Lessons taken from different courses on the site so you get an idea of the wealth of material French Hour offers

Quick Proficiency Test – Check where you’re at in French

Étudier – Study – Learning How to Learn French – French study skills, what do to with what material, tips and useful links to study French, and more.

Also free throughout the site

french lessons free

Look for lessons that say FREE (as shown in the right bottom corner of the picture above) or that are clickable in the course syllabus column (as shown in orange in the picture below). They are free access for everyone, even non-enrolled students.

free french lessons.

And if you liked the free goodies, Anne’s well-detailed worksheets are a lot more comprehensive, with practice for you to check your knowledge in French. Find all the courses here.

French Hour is a member-based course site, so click, choose your plan, and start learning.



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