Subjunctive Mode

Subjunctive Mode

The subjunctive mode is used a lot in French, unlike in English. It’s pretty straight forward to conjugate, a bit iffier to use.

In a nutshell, before you start the course: use the subjunctive mode any time you’re not stating a fact, but are describing how you feel about it.

  • Tu ne peux pas partir : le bateau est échoué.
    • stating a fact => using the indicative mode
  • Je ne pense pas que tu puisses partir : le bateau est échoué.
    • describing my take on the topic (I don’t think that…) => using the subjunctive mode

This course runs through all aspects of the subjunctive mode in details, with practice and answers so you can hone your subjunctive.

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Difficulty: Lev.2.3 - DELF.B DALF.C

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  • Cecelia

    I like your new format of being able to concentrate on specific areas of the language.


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