It’s So French! – Il S’agit, Chez, Etc.

It’s so French! – Il s’agit, Chez, etc.

J'ai failli rater mon train

It's so French, to say that! — C'est tellement français, de dire ça !

The French have their own way to say things, as you may know by now 🙂 For instance, you'll hear:

  • J'ai beau lui faire des signes, il ne me voit pas.

If you haven't practiced AVOIR BEAU with me, this sentence would translate as:

  • I have beautiful waving at him, he doesn't see me.

You hear these structures in French, yet, they don't make much sense unless you practice them in this course.

In this course, you will study French structures such as

  • avoir beau
  • faillir
  • il s'agit de
  • ne … que…
  • and more

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