French Intonation

French Intonation

French Intonation

L’intonation en français

Intonation is often what prevents you to be understood in France. If the ‘music you’re singing’ isn’t French, it’s going to be really hard for a French person to understand what you want to say. So this is not a pronunciation course, but rather a general look at how the sentence is produced.

The Music of French

This course focuses on intonation, but also on other aspects of speaking French: I call this ‘the music of French’, and that includes 3 major items:

  1. the melody – how the sound of French words goes down at the end of a sentence, for instance
  2. the rythme – not the speed, mind you – the way syllables and words are bunched up together, for instance
  3. the structure of French – how a sentence is put together

Take this easy course and follow Anne’s method to make your French speech better and sound more native.


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