Easter In French

Easter in French

This course features lessons around the subject of Easter. The audio files are all made by Anne, a native speaker.


French Easter tradition

Un des charmes des villages français, ce sont les cloches qui sonnent et rythment la journée. Au moment de Pâques, du jeudi au samedi soir, elles ne sonnent plus. On raconte aux enfants qu’elles vont à Rome, voir le Pape pour être bénies. Quand elle reviennent au village, en volant, elles laissent tomber leur friandises : œufs, poules, lapins et autres figurines en chocolat pour le plaisir de la cueillette du dimanche matin.

One of the charms of French villages is the bells ringing and giving a rhythm to the day. During Easter, from Thursday to Saturday night, they don’t ring anymore. Children are told that they’re going to Roma, where the Pope is blessing them. When they come back flying to the village, they drop their candy: chocolate eggs, hens, rabbits and more, for the pleasure of the children when they pick them on Sunday morning.

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