Step Dictations

Step dictations

You might be just starting to understand French. Or you speak French really well. Yet, when you watch French TV, or listen to French radio, it’s still as hard to understand what is being said. This Dictée à étapes is for you.

Understand Authentic French

The goal here is to understand French as it is spoken in France. It is very difficult to understand native speakers – believe me, being a Foreigner in many countries myself, I know what I’m talking about. It seems that natives slur a lot and mush all the words together.

I created this exercise, built as a partial dictation.

It will get you there, but you need to stick to it until the end in order to make progress.


How does it work?

1.listen to the audio and/or the video one time straight through.
2.go back to the beginning, listen, pause and start filling in the blanks for Step 1. There are few blanks. the same with Step 2 (more blanks) and then again with Step 3 (more challenging)
4.print the PDF for more flexibility

 What’s the goal?

The goal is for you to listen to this authentic dictation many times. As you listen, you will understand more and more of the French. The worksheets – at different levels – are designed to walk you through so that you end up having it all written down. In the process, you will learn a lot of French.

Course Information

Difficulty: Lev.2.3 - DELF.B DALF.C

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Dictées à étapes avec une vidéo

Dictées à étapes sans vidéo (plus facile)

  • Pamela Sacks

    This is a great course. It is imaginative, instructive and thoroughly enjoyable. The videos cover a variety of areas of French life. I found that with each video my comprehension took a leap forward. Anne has a unique method of teaching French. It really works. This course has made me realize I can, indeed, gain fluency in French.


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