Conditional Mode

Conditional Mode

Conditional Mode

Le Conditionnel – The Conditional Mode

Ah, si j’avais du temps, j’irais en France pour passer des vacances d’enfer !

j’irais, je voudrais, j’aimerais, j’aurais dû, je serais allée…

This course is about WOULDs and COULDs, the conditional mode.

What’s le Conditionnel?

The conditional mode is used to express a hypothesis, a wish, a condition. There are 2 tenses for the conditional mode: le conditionnel présent and le conditionnel passé (2 forms of it).

J’irais en France si j’avais le temps.

I would go to France if I had time.

Je voudrais manger maintenant.

I would like to eat now.

J’aimerais aller à Étretat.

I would love to go to Étretat.

J’aurais dû y penser avant.

I should have thought about it before.

Je serais allée au concert si j’avais eu un billet.

I would have gone to the concert if I had a ticket.

Let’s study the French conditional mode in this course.

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